Why Is It Essential to Have A Roadmap for Software Development?

August 19, 2022
Why Is It Essential to Have A Roadmap for Software Development?

A roadmap is an essential thing for living the life of your dreams! You may need it at any stage of your life, regardless of your professional position. Whether you are planning to build a house, open a new store, or release a software product for your business, defining a roadmap is the key step to ensuring everything aligns with your vision.

This blog explains the importance of having a roadmap while planning software development for your business. Here, we will explain some special assets of the software development process scheduled with the help of a roadmap. 

Let’s first understand what exactly is a roadmap for software development!

How Do You Define A Roadmap for Software Development?

You can denote a software development roadmap as a high-level visual summary of a company’s vision and strategic objectives related to its product. 

When and Why Exactly Would You Use the Software Development Roadmap?

Developing a software product is like following a logical sequence of stages appropriately and precisely to get the desired outcome. 

An organization first clarifies its vision for the product they’re going to launch in the market soon. The product team will help them translate this vision into a blueprint including a long-term visual representation of the product’s strategic goals and themes. 

Finally, a cross-functional team of project managers, software developers, and other groups will come together to help turn the roadmap’s high-level plan into actionable tasks.

Benefits of Planning Software Development Using A Roadmap

1. Gives Developers A Better Understanding of the Project

With a pre-planned roadmap, you can give your developers a sense of how daily work contributes to the product as a whole. It can motivate your development team in shaping the product as per the expectations and ultimately improving the lives of the product’s users. 

2. Motivates Your Team to Make Smarter Decisions

No matter how well you plan, product development is unpredictable. The team’s resource levels, and the execution plans considering how everything is going can change at any time. Senior management can freeze budgets with no notice, different needs may arise at any time. 

When a product team faces such unexpected changes in its plan, having a well-thought-out product roadmap can help them overcome these issues. The roadmap allows the team to step back, review the ultimate goals, and make the right decisions based on what’s expected from the project. 

3. Helps Convince Your Teams

Showing your development and QA teams only a list of planned features, with nothing explained about your project goals and roadmap might not inspire them to achieve your desired goal. A well-crafted software development roadmap could be used as a valuable tool for communication and persuasion to help you present your product team with a compelling strategic plan that motivates them and gives a clear understanding of the project. 

Helpful Tips to Create a Roadmap for Software Development

As mentioned above, creating a roadmap for software development requires following a sequence of strategic steps as given below –

Step 1: Determine the ‘Why’s of Your Product’

Before deciding on how to prioritize your product’s features, first determine the product’s strategic reason for developing the product, what exactly you expect it to accomplish, and for whom.

Step 2: Define the Intended Audiences for the Roadmap

You cannot develop a single version of your software development roadmap to share with all audiences.

Your roadmap presentation would be unique for different audiences. While your executive staff will need to focus on high-level strategic objectives, your executives will be interested in building the functionality that will lead to broad business goals like increasing revenue or uplifting the brand reputation.

When you review the roadmap with your developers, you must focus more on how your development plans will impact the team’s resources and workloads.

So, when you start preparing the software development roadmap, figure out which audiences it will be for. This way, you can customize it effectively for various groups.

Step 3: Prioritize Your Product’s Theme

The best practice for planning software development using a roadmap is to start with the highest and most strategic level by adding more specific details.

You can start by creating categories of your product’s themes and add several epics under each theme. If you have even more detailed ideas for planning software development in mind, such as specific features for an epic, you can add those as well.

Final Thoughts

The correct software development roadmap helps product owners and product managers to stay aligned and launch their brilliant products with the right functionalities and optimal costs on time. In case you feel planning software development roadmap has been a bit hectic for you, Cloudester is always there to help! With our experts’ assistance, you can give your project a new direction and achieve desired goals on time and within the budget.

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