Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Custom software which securely stores data and improves internal processes.

Cloudester has years of experience designing and developing unique and secure software which can improve process efficiency, patient experience and adheres to regulations within the healthcare industry.

Clinical trial solution

Time is important while performing a clinical experiment. Cloudester professionals have many years of experience and our depth and breadth of knowledge in a variety of clinical trial solution and technology development areas. Our team will alter and enhance your organization’s operations by utilizing modern systems and cutting-edge technology. Our custom software that protects data and streamlines internal procedures.

Compliances FDA 21 CFR PART 11, HIPAA

HIPAA are the most important requirement for a software application in the health industry. Cloudester custom software solutions that streamline operations, improve the patient experience, and securely store patient information that are innovative and HIPAA compliant. Our healthcare software provides secure payment management interfaces for healthcare providers, allowing patients to make payments and check their data.

Patient medical health report

Healthcare providers must be able to preserve and securely retain patient data and information to remain compliant. For the healthcare business, our Cloudester proprietary software provides secure Patient medical health report administration solutions. Applications are continually monitored and examined for software attacks and flaws as part of our application security services.

Secure Telehealth Video calling

Our aim is to use emerging technology to improve the way patients and healthcare professionals communicate by delivering unique Cloudester software development services. By linking doctors and patients via Secure Telehealth Video calling, Cloudester software development decreases patient wait times and clinical staff workload. Cloudester has years of expertise creating and building original it mainly improves process efficiency.

Healthcare Solutions & Services

Innovative services and unique custom software for the healthcare industry

Innovative and HIPAA compliant custom software solutions that automate processes, enhances patient experience and safely stores patient information.

Product Strategy

Cloudester employs the TDD approach. TDD is a software development approach that uses test cases to define and evaluate what the code will do. To put it another way, test cases for each capability are created and tested first, and if the test fails, new code is written to pass the test, resulting in simple, bug-free code. Furthermore, at the end of each sprint, their Business Analysts document each feature and test the application to ensure that the acceptance criteria are met and followed in the final product.

Project Management Software

In their work, Cloudester primarily uses Scrum and Kanban as agile methodologies. They are the most frequently used and well-proven methodologies in all software development projects. The development team at Cloudester believes that by employing these approaches, clients will be able to be active participants in the software development process, staying informed of progress and providing feedback at any time.

Mobile App Development

Cloudester provides the best Mobile App Development services. Their brand contributes to the development of mobile apps for mobile devices. Providing end-to-end development services, they also include business analysis, UI/UX design, testing, and deployment. With their team and the team’s experience in mobile application development, they can provide a wide range of services ranging from industrial to retail companies, energy to healthcare.

Software Testing & QA

Cloudester is a team of experienced managers, analysts, designers, developers, and quality assurance engineers that have worked on a wide range of projects, from MVPs to enterprise software solutions. Since 2011, they’ve built over 120 custom web and mobile apps for over 50 customers.

UI/UX Development & Design

Cloudester helps with the creation of mobile apps for mobile devices. They offer full-service development, including business analysis, user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design, testing, and deployment. Because of the team’s experience in mobile application development, they can provide a wide range of services, from industrial to retail, energy to healthcare.

Custom Software Development

Cloudester assists organisations improve their enterprise software and applications by leveraging their in-depth subject expertise and technological acumen to ensure seamless company operations and simplified client experiences. Get a highly scalable and result-driven software or application created for you, whether you’re a small or mid-sized company, a start-up, or a well-established corporation.

Application Modernization

Cloudester constantly improves and refreshes its produced apps in response to technological advancements. Cloudester possesses the skills required to build and manage software development teams. They have in place the processes to swiftly develop teams, such as hiring, onboarding, knowledge transfer, resource management, and so on. Cloudester’s top engineers are passionate about solving challenging challenges for clients in a timely and effective manner. They believe that empowering customers is the most important goal, and they do this by developing software that offers great experiences for end-users utilising the highest-grade technology on the market. Cloudester’s developers all have engineering or computer science degrees from prestigious institutions. These qualifications are hard to come by in our field.

DevOps & DevSecOps

You can take advantage of their SaaS services. Cloudester’s trustworthy team suggests a distribution strategy in which the software is hosted by a third party. Additionally, make it available to clients via the internet. It improves your workflow by providing apps over the cloud. It requires internet connectivity, a device, a web browser, and a downloaded cloud application. A security clause is included in the IP contract, and a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) between us and the customer stipulates the same. In addition, we assess our methods and educate our employees on a regular basis. These efforts ensure that our clients’ intellectual property is constantly secured.

Maintenance & Support

Is your healthcare software fully compliant and capable of ensuring business continuity with data resilience? Turn to our wide-ranging support & maintenance services as well as regular cyber security assessments to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation. Our team performs constant assessments and evaluations to make sure your software is functioning appropriately, has minimal downtime and delivers the right value.

We also keep our eyes on your product dependencies, requirements, and goals to have the maintenance contract in place with quick resolution of all bugs found during the testing phase and issues detected by the end-users, etc with proper documentation for each to ensure you pass any and all audits at your facility.

Healthcare Case Study

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