Our work culture motivates our people to do only the BEST!

Besides the IT expertise, Cloudester imprints an impressive mark on the software development realm with its progressive culture, core values, and lean-agile approach that encourage people to share their ideas, amplify their learnings and empower them to do their best.

We understand how difficult it becomes to work under pressure, it only reduces the productivity and quality of outcomes. That’s why we do everything to avoid it and give our employees room to breathe. We provide the space needed to think and innovate, flexi-time to relax and get back to work with double enthusiasm, and encourage employees to go for extra training sessions to upskill themselves and grow even more professionally!

We encourage all our team members to go beyond their core duties and participate in discussion to make the product better. This enables them to think from different perspectives about a product and helps them grow professionally.

With best in the industry paid leaves, flexibility in timing based on project needs and friendly WFH policy to allow you to maximize productivity while having enough time with your loved ones.

We want to ensure you are at peace regarding any unforeseen medical expenses for you and your loved ones which is why we provide medical health insurance for you and your family from a renowned provider.

We offer paid courses and sponsorship for certifications which enable our team members to learn new technologies and get certified for the same.

Open & Transparent Company Policy – Our daily workings and office regulations are governed by an open, fair and unbiased policy that is part of onboarding.

Team Collaboration & Bonding – We engage in various employee engagement activities to improve our team bonding which helps us to support each other personally and professionally.

Badminton Tournament

3 March 2023

Christmas Celebration

23 December 2022

Delta9 Adventures

5 October 2022

Diwali Celebrations

20 October 2022


16 March 2022

Women's Day

9 March 2022

Box Cricket

7 December 2021


19 August 2021

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