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Business Efficiency with AI

Data Capture Services We Provide

Character Recognition

Character Recognition

Automated identification and character recognition of text within embedded images, and more.

Feature Detection

Feature Detection

Recognition of individual character elements, including lines, strokes, angles, and other distinctive features.

Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)

Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)

Efficient scanning and recognition of product information via barcodes.

Character Recognition on Raw Images

Character Recognition on Raw Images

Data extraction from low-quality images with challenges like poor illumination and poorly printed characters.

We also offer comprehensive data extraction services, including the development of web data extraction software. Our expertise extends beyond printed documents to encompass data retrieval from online sources.

Unlock the potential of web data extraction with Cloudester!

How Our Data Capture and Extraction Services Operate

How-Our-Data-Capture-and-Extraction-Services-Operate How-Our-Data-Capture-and-Extraction-Services-Operate
  • Data Collection

    We begin by collecting data from a variety of sources.

  • ETL Process (Extract, Transform, Load)

    The extracted data undergoes a thorough ETL process to ensure its accuracy and readiness for use.

  • Analytics Data Warehousing

    Next, we seamlessly integrate and store your data in a dedicated data warehouse.

  • Data Visualization

    We leverage data visualization tools to create clear, informative representations for your reporting and monitoring needs.

  • AI, ML, Data Science Integration

    The data is now primed for the application of AI, ML, and Data Science algorithms.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

    Our skilled team conducts EDA to gain insights and understanding of the data.

  • Feature Engineering (FE)

    We initiate the feature engineering process to enhance data quality and usefulness.

  • Model Training

    We develop and train an AI model while selecting the most suitable parameters.

  • Model Validation

    A rigorous model validation process is carried out to ensure its functionality and reliability.

  • Interpreting Results

    Finally, we present the results and provide explanations regarding the model’s functionality and implications.

Advantages Data Capture & OCR

  • Optimized Data Precision
    Optimized Data Precision

    Manual, repetitive tasks can lead to employee burnout and reduced accuracy. To mitigate this, automating data input processes is essential to boost the precision of information, optimize workloads, and ensure reliable data for further processing.

  • Improved Transparency
    Improved Transparency

    Automating data extraction and processing provides immediate access to vital business data at all times, enhancing transparency and enabling employees to make informed decisions swiftly.

  • Increased Efficiency
    Increased Efficiency

    By eliminating manual data entry, the potential for input errors is minimized, resulting in improved employee productivity. Staff can redirect their efforts toward tasks that require human intervention, ultimately contributing more value to the organization.

  • Cost Savings
    Cost Savings

    Business owners perpetually seek ways to enhance process efficiency and invest in productivity enhancements. The automation of manual tasks promptly delivers the desired cost-saving benefits, making operations more economical.

  • Time-Efficient Approach
    Time-Efficient Approach

    Time is a valuable resource in business processes. To ensure a time-efficient approach to solving manual tasks, employees can leverage data automation and extraction tools, freeing up time for more intellectually demanding work.

OCR and Data Capture for the Logistics & Transportation Industry

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems are designed to digitize paper documents, facilitating automated data search, retrieval, and processing with minimal human intervention. OCR technology plays a pivotal role in optimizing business workflows that involve numerous manual tasks. Companies of all sizes can harness this technology to meet consumers’ demands for expedited, secure, and cost-effective goods shipment.

OCR Scanning Services Offer Significant Benefits to the Logistics Industry:

  • Streamlines Manual Input and Reduces Paper-based Workflow
  • Decreases Input Errors by Over 90%
  • Cuts Data Capture Costs and Time by Over 90%
  • Facilitates Invoices and Receipts Processing
  • Enhances Package Registration, Tracking, and Delivery Efficiency
  • Lowers Overall Delivery Costs
  • Offers Web Data Extraction Services as Needed

OCR Scanning Solutions for Logistics:

By implementing customized OCR data extraction software, you invest in a solution that automates data capture, both locally and remotely, minimizes errors, ensures on-time order deliveries, and cultivates customer loyalty.

Other Industries

As a data extraction company, we provide optical character recognition services and help companies across multiple industries optimize their business processes with the help of our automated data capture software.

  • healthcare-pharma
    • Data Capture:
      Streamlining patient records, billing, and insurance claims.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting patient data from medical forms and reports.
    • OCR:
      Converting handwritten notes and printed documents into electronic records.
  • Financial Services
    Financial Services
    • Data Capture:
      Automating account data entry and transaction processing.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting and categorizing financial data from various documents.
    • OCR:
      Converting paper statements and invoices into digital records.
  • retail
    • Data Capture:
      Automating inventory management and sales records.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting product information from catalogs and invoices.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed price tags and labels into digital formats.
  • legal-services
    • Data Capture:
      Automating document indexing and case file management.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting key information from legal documents and contracts.
    • OCR:
      Converting paper legal documents into searchable digital files.
  • e-commerce
    • Data Capture:
      Streamlining order processing, inventory management, and sales records.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting product information from supplier catalogs and invoices.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed packaging labels, invoices, and product manuals into digital formats.
  • manufacturing
    • Data Capture:
      Streamlining production data and inventory tracking.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting data from equipment logs and manufacturing reports.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed manufacturing manuals and reports into digital formats.
  • travel
    • Data Capture:
      Automating booking, reservation, and itinerary management.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting travel data from booking forms, itineraries, and receipts.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed travel documents and receipts into electronic records.
  • real-estate
    Real Estate
    • Data Capture:
      Automating property data entry and management.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting property information from documents and listings.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed real estate documents into electronic files.
  • advertising
    Marketing and Advertising
    • Data Capture:
      Streamlining data collection for customer profiling and campaigns.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting consumer data from various sources.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed marketing materials into digital content.
  • Gaming
    • Data Capture:
      Streamlining player data management, in-game purchases, and virtual item tracking.
    • Data Extraction:
      Extracting data related to in-game achievements, statistics, and user profiles.
    • OCR:
      Converting printed game manuals, instructions, and documentation into digital formats.

Our Engagement Models

  • Dedicated AI Development Team
    Dedicated AI Development Team

    Our proficient AI and blockchain developers are fully immersed in leveraging cognitive technologies to provide exceptional services and solutions to our clients.

  • Extended Team Enrichment
    Extended Team Enrichment

    Our extended team model is thoughtfully designed to support clients in expanding their teams with the necessary expertise for AI-driven projects.

  • Project-focused Strategy
    Project-focused Strategy

    Embracing our project-based approach, our skilled software development specialists collaborate directly with clients and the triumphant realization of AI-infused projects

Why Cloudester?

Bringing inventive solutions to address your most significant business obstacles.


Extensive Expertise

Leveraging over 12 years of experience, we excel in crafting triumphant AI solutions for you.


Diverse Skill Set

Our senior AI developers possess prowess in AI, NLP, and Big Data, ensuring comprehensive solutions.


Domain Proficiency

Your distinct challenges are understood, paving the way for tailor-made solutions that precisely fit your requirements.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is OCR, and how does it work?

    OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It’s a technology that converts scanned or printed text into machine-readable text. It works by analyzing the shapes and patterns of characters in an image and translating them into digital text.

    What types of documents can be processed with OCR?

    OCR can be used to process a wide range of documents, including printed documents, handwritten text, invoices, receipts, forms, books, and more.

    How can OCR benefit my business?

    OCR can significantly improve efficiency by automating data entry and extraction processes, reducing errors, and enabling the digitization of paper-based documents. This leads to cost savings and enhanced productivity.

    What industries can benefit from data extraction services?

    Data extraction services are versatile and can benefit various industries, including healthcare, finance, legal, logistics, education, and many more. These services are useful wherever there is a need to extract data from documents or forms.

    Can data extraction services work with unstructured data?

    Yes, data extraction services can handle both structured and unstructured data. They are designed to extract valuable information from various formats and sources.

    How secure is the data during the data capture and extraction process?

    Data security is a top priority. We employ encryption and access controls to ensure your data remains confidential and complies with industry regulations.

    Are there any limitations to OCR accuracy?

    While OCR technology has come a long way, it may still face challenges with handwritten text or poorly printed documents. Accuracy can vary depending on the quality of the source material.

    What are the cost savings associated with automated data capture services?

    Automated data capture can lead to significant cost savings by reducing manual data entry labor costs and minimizing errors, which can result in operational efficiencies and ultimately financial savings.

    What are the cost savings associated with automated data capture services?

    Automated data capture can lead to significant cost savings by reducing manual data entry labor costs and minimizing errors, which can result in operational efficiencies and ultimately financial savings.

    Can your services handle multilingual text and characters?

    Yes, our OCR and data extraction services can process multiple languages and character sets, making them suitable for global businesses.

    Are your services compatible with cloud-based solutions?

    Yes, our services can be integrated with cloud-based solutions for easy access and scalability.

    What types of data sources can your services capture from?

    Our services can capture data from documents, images, forms, invoices, receipts, websites, and more.

    How does your data extraction handle sensitive information and ensure data privacy?

    We implement robust security measures and adhere to data privacy regulations to protect sensitive information during the extraction process.

    Can your OCR recognize handwritten text?

    Yes, our OCR technology can recognize and convert handwritten text into digital format.

    Can your services handle high volumes of data?

    Yes, our services are designed to handle high volumes of data efficiently, ensuring accuracy and speed even with large datasets.

    What is the typical ROI for businesses that use your data capture and extraction services?

    The ROI varies depending on the industry and specific use case, but most businesses experience significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved data accuracy.

    Are there any industry-specific regulations your services comply with?

    Our services are compliant with various industry-specific regulations, including HIPAA for healthcare and GDPR for data privacy.

    Can your services handle images with low resolution or poor quality?

    Yes, our OCR and data extraction services can handle low-resolution images and improve the quality of the extracted data.

    Can your services be accessed remotely or via mobile devices?

    Our services can be accessed remotely and are compatible with mobile devices, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.


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