3 Goals for Getting ROI from Software

June 02, 2022
3 Goals for Getting ROI from Software

As we are diving deeper into the digital age, each business is striving to improve its operations and these improvements require the best software solutions. However, there is the need to determine the limit to the spending in developing these solutions– it cannot be limitless. 

Before committing to software development, it is crucial to first understand desired accomplishment, and weigh the benefits and returns that the software can offer to the company. This is where we decipher the Return on Investment, i.e., software ROI, whether it is worth investing the money and effort or not.

ROI is an abstract term to calculate investment cost versus its benefits. To disintegrate the Software’s Return on Investment (ROI), let’s first consider the Investment part of the software. The software can either be purchased or developed; it can be mobile-based, web-based, or both. In the long run, the possible expenses required to maintain the software should also be kept in the account, which would include IT support, security programs, and backups.

How to calculate the Software Return on Investment?

The return on the software can be earned through various means under the financial metrics, including:

       Increase in the revenue and profits

       Reduction in the operation costs

       Elimination of other expenses

and beyond, and can be evaluated through other methodologies that are more relatable and simpler. This will support immediate and important decision-making by the stakeholders of the software development services. Some of the other ROI parameters that can be considered are the increase in the efficiency and productivity of the software leading to a reduction in overburden, meeting deadlines, and compliance with the industry standards.

During the software development processes, certain risk components must also be considered that might cause negative ROI. Like, sometimes a lot of investment in promotional activities for generating the traffic, especially for the smaller businesses, may not lead to the desired returns. Therefore, a strategic approach needs to be adopted to ensure higher ROIs, selecting the right mediums for communication and reaching out to the right audiences. 

After setting the rationale for the software developed and considering all the factors mentioned, the following 3 ways will be useful in boosting the revenue and in getting a positive ROI:

  1. Increasing the Customer Base

In this competitive market, software providers have to constantly put the effort into acquiring new customers and retaining them by providing them an appropriate value which could help in coveted positive ROI to the software developed. An initial setup plan is required to ‘know-your-customers’, the problem that is being solved, and the work that is put to make the product visible in the market. This might require the right kind of marketing, advertising through various means, and investing a lot of money. However, if as per the conviction, advertising feels useful for the positive ROI of the company, it would be worth exploring the option. For customers to be easily able to find the software will be a winning point for the company. This would result in a higher transition ratio and thus, higher revenue. 

Other than visibility, being able to provide the right values to the customers should also be the priority of the software development company. This strategy will be useful in retaining the customers and in expanding the customer base without investing in heavy marketing in the future, also can be referred to as ‘creating a loyal-customer base’.

  1. Increase in the Revenue

Financial growth is one of the prominent factors in analyzing the success and mark of the positive ROI of the software. If the company is not generating sufficient returns through their software, they can explore and incorporate features in the existing software for their user base without having the extra cost of developing an entirely new product. A company with a web-only presence can also consider developing a robust mobile application by virtue of having the majority of people prefer and spend the majority of time on their phones.

Other than incorporating the new features in the existing software, there is always the requirement for regular upgradation of the software. In this process, it must also be considered to develop software which is simpler and easy to update. 

  1. Indulgence of Stakeholders

For the custom-built software solution development company, it will be a massive advantage to have a vendor that can support in the journey of the digital transformation by providing valuable guidance.

Other methods will include investing time and resources in unveiling the software to the end-users, ensuring that the expectations are met and the end product is delivered after thorough R&D throughout the process, which is simple to understand and easy to use.

In conclusion, ROI should always be looked for long-term instead of achieving short-term gains. This would enable a clearer vision and appropriate resource allocation for the software.

Cloudester ensures sustainable software development services by providing the finest technology to the enterprises while minimizing their investment and maximizing the ROI of software. With constant evolution in technology, through our team of developers having years of experience, we provide customized solutions and a broad spectrum of services to meet the organization’s needs, giving complete flexibility in handling the technology risks and uncertainties related to the implementation of the new systems.

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