How to Find a Software Developer for your Startup

May 09, 2022
How to Find a Software Developer for your Startup

However, finding people who share your passion to create something truly great is no easy task, especially amid the ever-increasing competition for talent. So don’t be disappointed if you’ve already made several unsuccessful attempts to find the right people. Instead, try changing your search methods.

This article provides a fresh look at the platforms you can use to find software services for your startup, whether the developers live in your city or thousands of miles away.

Are you looking for a software developer for your site?

If you want to follow the traditional approach first, try some of the following job boards:

Dice, Absolventa, Monster, and JobSearch are high-quality resources that connect employers directly with professionals.

Online developer communities are also great platforms for those looking for IT talent as they often include job posting features. The most popular of these are:

  • Stack Overflow – an online developer community with 50 million visitors per month.
  • GitHub Jobs – the largest code hosting and collaboration platform. The main benefit of this platform is that you can see developers’ code examples or portfolios directly there (provided that the developers are actively contributing to open source).

You can also try platforms like the Python Job Board that focus on specific technologies.

Another useful site designed solely for startup jobs is AngelList. According to SimilarWeb, the platform has over 8 million visitors per month. There are currently 8M active candidates and 350K developers using this website.

In addition, you can also use news portals, which often contain job posting platforms. The best known are Mashable and TechCrunch.

Online communities and forums like Hacker News and Reddit are also popular among software developers for startups. There you can reach potential candidates by posting your job in relevant sections.

Also, don’t forget to post current vacancies in the Jobs/Careers section of your website. 


Consider hiring software services of a remote developer

The urge to explore new places is very strong among millennials and older generations as well. So much so that 30% of business travellers would take a lower-paying job if they had more travel opportunities.

The trend towards talent mobility is a positive change for both employers and employees as both become more independent of the talent pool that happens to be in their area. The endless list of tech giants with remote teams includes Oracle, IBM, Xerox, Motorola and many other companies.

If you are willing to hire remote developers and communicate with them in English, choose this option. Many platforms encourage remote collaboration between startups and developers, including:

  • remote ok
  • We work remotely
  • working nomads

As a note, if you post a job ad on your website or use one of the job boards mentioned above, it may be useful to include keywords such as “remote” or “remote ok” to ensure they appear in Google search results.

Are you ready to hire freelancers?

If you want to work with freelance specialists and you don’t want to oblige them to work a set number of hours on your product, freelance platforms are your best option. Some of the best are:

  • up work
  • top valley
  • PeoplePerHour

These marketplaces offer you the opportunity to post a job, describe your requirements and formulate salary expectations. Once you’ve posted the job, all you have to do is filter offers from freelancers who want to work on your product. To simplify the selection process, ask potential candidates to include a specific word in their offer. This allows you to filter out automatic replies and focus on worthy candidates. After finding the right developer, don’t forget to clearly outline your terms of cooperation.

When you need a reliable technology partner

If you don’t have time to look for remote software developers yourself, you should try hiring a technology partner in your chosen location. The partner will analyze your business needs and find you the developers you need. All you have to do is interview pre-selected candidates and welcome the best ones to join your remote team.

Such technology partnerships are becoming increasingly popular as they help startups find IT professionals, provide the remote team with the necessary infrastructure and the partner handles employment, tax and HR support.

Harness the power of networking

If you’re a young startup and don’t yet have as much to offer as others, simply posting a job ad may not be enough to attract talent. Attending networking events will surely help you promote your startup and find developers with a growth mindset and similar values. Meetup and Tech Events are great services to help you search for tech events nearby or anywhere in the world.

You can also use the power of social networks to search for software developers. Post your job on your homepage on Facebook or Twitter. If you have a significant number of followers, your chances of success are not bad.

Also, don’t forget to ask friends and acquaintances – some of them may know exactly the person you were looking for.

The age of global technological change is also changing the way we employ talent and perceive the workplace. The demand for skilled workers has never been higher, but the search horizon has never been broader either. Today you can collaborate with like-minded developers from anywhere in the world, and the platforms mentioned are a good starting point for your talent scouting.

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