5 Benefits of Software Product Development Process & Best Practices

July 29, 2022
5 Benefits of Software Product Development Process & Best Practices

The software product development industry is rapidly evolving year over year. As per a report published in late 2020, the custom software product development services have reached a whopping $70 billion valuation and are expected to grow at a pace of 5% each year.

However, to reap the full benefits of software product development for your business, it’s essential to follow the right process. From product ideation to market launch and maintenance, everything that comes under the software product development process should be exclusively designed for your unique business goals and requirements.

In the following article, we’ll look at what it takes to develop a successful software product. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step software product development process to understand and evaluate why it’s worth having a software development strategy and why the Agile methodology is truly the most effective one.

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Why Having A Software Product Development Strategy Important?

Let’s start by understanding what exactly a software product development strategy is!

Well, it’s a step-by-step plan that’s included in the software product development process along with the details on goals, objectives, project timelines, resources, etc. This is the plan developers need to follow from ideation to product launch.

Top 5 benefits of A Software Product Development Strategy

Having a deeply researched strategy in place offers many benefits to your business. Some of them include –

1. Effective collaboration between teams

Before you kick off the software product development process, make sure to create a roadmap that makes it easier for cross-functional teams to work in collaboration while seamlessly managing, developing, or executing development projects. It helps keep all your employees on the same page and eliminates the possibility of delays.

2. Prompt Feedback

Feedback is crucial to map the success of any project, hence, you need to have a swift and seamless feedback mechanism to ensure the product wins success.

3. High Performance

When you have a roadmap, you will have a detailed plan for everything including the resources, the deadlines, and the budget with proper planning and documentation, so it’s natural to receive high performance as an outcome.

4. Risk Mitigation

Proper guidelines and robust practices help businesses stay aligned with different goals and priorities. This is why proper task prioritization by mapping resource allocation and a timeline to avoid any delays in product delivery.

5. Reduced Cost & Maximizes ROI

A development strategy that’s powered by tried-and-tested software product development best practices helps in prioritizing tasks by averting unwanted delays and facilitating cost-reduction, thereby enabling you to attain maximum ROI.

To enjoy these benefits, your software development company New York needs to have a skilled pool of smart approaches, a comprehensive tech stack, adequate resources, and accurately estimated time, effort, and budget.

This is where having a reliable software product development company/partner makes perfect sense!

A Step-by-Step Software Product Development Process

Step 1 – Brainstorming & Ideation

The first step in the software product development process is to create a comprehensive idea concerning how the product or service is going to be developed. One very effective method is to conduct a brainstorming session or ideation workshop with your team and any software product development company you’re planning to work with.

In this step, the ultimate goal should be to dig deep into –

  • What will the final product offer its users?
  • How will it fulfil the market needs? and
  • How are you planning to get ahead of the competition?

Step 2 – Requirements & Resource Analysis

Once you have an idea of what your software will offer to its users, you can also conduct a feasibility analysis to know the expected product launch deadline, development budget, key milestones, and the estimated ROI. Make sure that you’ve covered all aspects that influence the software product development process.

That said, by the end of this stage, you must have properly documented Software Requirements Specifications to use in the further stages.

Step 3 – UI/UX Designing

Based on the documentation, your designers can start laying out the visual concepts of your product. They can design high-fidelity prototypes and get them approved. After each design module is finalized, designs and documentation can be passed to the development team for further stages.

Step 4 – Development

Development and coding is the most important stage in the software product development process. It’s about turning the product’s visual requirements into an actual and usable product. Developers must make sure that the code corresponds to received product specifications and meets the business expectations. However, if all previous stages were carefully executed and the developed product will be successful too.

Step 5 – Testing

Now that the coding part is completed, it’s time to move toward the next stage – the Testing phase. This helps ensure that the developed product meets all requirements and expectations and is working smoothly as imagined.

Step 6 – Deployment

When the testing is finished and bugs are fixed, the product can be deployed on the live server to make it available for end customers. If in case, there are any product iterations required, only specific changes will be deployed on the live channel depending on the product complexity.

Step 7 – Maintenance

Maintenance in the software product development process is the most crucial stage. It aims to keep the software up and running while updating, upgrading, or polishing the software.

The product can be modified based on end-user feedback to ensure it performs effectively.


When you review the software product development best practices online, you might notice that the software development company New York you choose, works in an Agile workflow.

It’s easy to get things right the first time, hence, we recommend turning to an Agile software development methodology. As there would be required many iterations in the process, using Agile, you can constantly enhance your code, learn from your experiences, and apply any project changes instantly.

Cloudester works on agile software development methodologies to keep your product ahead of the latest trends. If you want to keep up with the competition, connect with us today.

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