What is Software Development Workflow and How to Create One for You?

August 27, 2022
What is Software Development Workflow and How to Create One for You?

With the software industries constantly evolving, many companies have started using Agile approaches in their software development workflows. If you’re looking to manage your software development workflow, the Agile methodology would be the right way, to begin with. This blog shares a quick guide to help you understand the agile software development workflow model and how you can adopt it in your organization.

What is A Software Development Workflow?

The workflow software development is a set of stages involved in completing a complex project by breaking the development process into smaller individual cycles called ‘sprints’.

At the start of each sprint, customers and stakeholders provide their feedback, which is incorporated at the end of the sprint. This method helps developers to spot problems early on and fix them promptly. It also improves the project’s efficiency and ensures that the outcome meets the customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

What Are the Types of Software Development Workflows?

Let’s go through them one by one!

1. Feature-rich development 

The feature-driven development model is a progressive iterative process that is mainly focused on developing the core features of the project in shorter and more frequent cycles.

2. Crystal Development

This model follows a fluid method of development that is focused on human needs and the key requisites of the project.

3. Agile Unified Process 

It’s a simplified approach to software development that stays loyal to the rational unified process in which adaptable frameworks are used to develop custom software tailored to fit the needs of the development and project teams.

4. Extreme Programming 

This process is completely dependent on reception and feedback from customers. 

5. Scrum Methodology

This process uses cross-functional teams to deliver specific pieces of functionality through an iterative approach.

6. Kanban Process

Unlike other methods, Kanban is a non-iterative lean process that’s aimed at delivering quality while keeping the backlog in check and ensuring effective team collaboration.

6 Key Steps of A Software Development Workflow Lifecycle

The workflow software development life cycle is usually the same for each project.  

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Here are the typical steps involved in the software development workflow –

1. Ideation

The first step is to conceptualize the project, plan, and envision your goals. At this step, you can define the business scope for each idea, develop your product backlog, and delineate all sprints that need to be included in the project.

2. Inception

Once you know that your project is viable, you can start creating sprint teams and assign their respective tasks. Each team will be assigned a set of specific goals and a timeframe to complete them. Funding and resources are also allocated at this stage.

3. Iteration

Once you have set the project requirements and prepared the working environments, the sprint teams can start working on the project with the first iteration. Here, they can also tackle the product backlog items.

4. Release

After the first iteration, the product will be released to the customers and stakeholders for feedback. This is when the development team will incorporate the new changes suggested by the customers and stakeholders, test them again, and move to the next sprint. 

5. Production

Once all testing and documentation are done, the product is marked as approved in the production phase. They can further launch the product and provide the required support for its release. 

6. Retirement

This is the final stage of the software development workflow that determines the successful development of the product. With that said, you can now notify the customers about the new product or the migration of the new software.

How to Create An Effective Software Development Workflow for Your Project?

Once you know which steps to be included in your software development workflow, you can start creating your own agile workflow software development. Follow these steps to get the job done – 

1. Choose the Right Agile practices

Agile is all about a shift in mindset and a deeper understanding of Agile principles. Help your team understand the concept behind it to help them easily adapt to the new software development workflows.

2. Choose the Suitable Framework

There are several types of workflow software development you can utilize! Scrum and Kanban are the most effective ones. You can choose any of them which is more suited for your organization.

3. Plan A Roadmap

Plan the entire development process, create product backlogs, and keep the tools ready. Prioritize tasks and define timelines to achieve the desired project goals.

4. Designate Your Sprint Teams

Create your sprint teams and assign specific tasks and responsibilities to each member. Make sure that all members of the team have the required expertise to complete their tasks.

5. Implement the Agile Workflow for Software Development

With product requirements and sprint teams in place, you can start thriving you’re your software development workflow. Aim for constant improvisation and timely delivery.

Wrapping Up

Implementing a software development workflow process for your project management gives you more flexibility and scalability to ensure your business growth. Cloudester offers agile and robust software solutions using which you can have seamless, efficient, and result-driven software development workflows. For more information, connect with us today.

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