How to ensure mobile security?

Technology is continuously growing every day around the world and so is the demand for more mobile application development projects. Mobile phones have become one of the basic needs in everyone’s life. Mobile applications can provide various advantages like doorstep delivery, information retrieval, online transactions, and many more. Mobile security is one of the most important factors for users. When it comes to developing a mobile app the developers should ensure the user’s security.

Privacy and security:

Everyone and every field needs some privacy. It is important to have your mobile application with more privacy and security. The app should be accessible only with the login id and password and the app allows reading, creating, updating, and deleting data within a mobile application. Mobile phones may have a lot of personal information like passwords, bank account details, and more. You should ensure the data are protected securely and safely from all kinds of online threats. Secure mobile data helps you protect all your personal information. Here are some of the things you should follow to ensure your mobile security,

Authentication and Authorization systems:

It will allow only the owners to access the mobile application. It ensures that the authorized users are only allowed and unauthorized users won’t get any access to the mobile application. Even to enter the mobile app you have to provide the necessary information to confirm your authentication. A developer must build a mobile app with the best features that will make it more unique and it is the secure way to do business. 


The process of development is always important for your mobile phone security. You should ensure that the application can be updated and improved continually. Many people fail or do not pay attention to updating their apps regularly which results in a lack of security against recently found vulnerabilities. The new updates may have newly added features, better versions, and bug fixes that tend to cover the latest security patches. Ignoring the updates may also lead to the latest security threats.

Security Planning

Planning is the first and most important factor to consider when you think of how the mobile security device needs to that can ensure a good security system in place. Allocate the necessary resources to devising this plan. When you need the security for your mobile app then start to research, revise, and fixate on the most suitable plan. More research and planning can help you to find the ways and directions for the security of your app.

API Verification:

API the contraction for application programming interface is a part of backend development. The backend is also known as server-side programming that is all about the inner workings of an application. The backend stack is important for the app to operate smoothly. API helps apps to connect and form a network and hence, every application in a device need an API key to interact that must receive permission. But, it can be a security threat since their systems are external. A strong API gateway can be installed to tighten the mobile app security.

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How To Develop A Successful B2B Mobile Application For Your Business?

B2B is a rapidly growing business segment where more innovation and technological advancement is gaining momentum in its adaptation. 

According to US-based research firm Forrester, B2B eCommerce transactions in the United States will reach around $1.8 trillion by 2023. 

Like in the B2C market, the significance of B2B applications in B2B business is accelerating with more and more features, types, and integrations. 

This is the best time to develop B2B mobile application for your business or even for other brands if you are a developer. So, here’s how you build a successful B2B mobile app.


Why You Should Invest In B2B Mobile Application?  

B2B applications help your customer’s or clients’ requirements with active concerns and considerations. There are different types of B2B mobile solutions that help clients utilize the services smoothly and efficiently. It saves their time, energy and makes the process more frictionless. Besides, it is leverage against your competition when it comes to B2B businesses in the industry. 

Just like the B2C market, B2B also requires the adaptation of technology to its services and upgrade the services. With the emergence of more technological innovation and mobile usage, B2B application development is rapidly gaining momentum in the industry. 

Type Of B2B Applications 

There are different categories or types of B2B applications you can choose from depending upon the requirement or objective you have. 

Here are those types in more detail with their best examples. 

External Management 

External management software is a type of B2B business application that helps organizations to coordinate with vendors, develop communications between different parties and manage supply chains. It features a plethora of variants to develop such as project management applications, CRMs, and online conferencing apps as well. 

One of the examples of an external management app you take is DocuSign. It helps users sign and manages documents online reducing the paperwork and save time. 



B2B commerce products are meant to be sold to the customers who are actually businesses. There are tons of services businesses provide to their B2B customers just like B2C customers to make it successful. 

Here are the services that this type of B2B application include : 

  • Order management 
  • Push notifications
  • Product listings
  • Order additional services 
  • Easy and quick checkout 
  • User-interactive navigation
  • Category trees
  • Easy payment processing 
  • Delivery statuses 

CAT is one of the commerce B2B applications that offering a platform where businesses can monitor, request, control and manage their CAT equipment. 


Work Process Facilitation 

This is the type of B2B application where all the tools are made to help employees complete their tasks easily, more efficiently, and with better results. Such tools focus on resource management, productivity, communication, and inventory management. 

Large enterprises create their own software to facilitate the internal work process whereas a lot of people use Google or Microsoft. 


Internal Operations 

This type of B2B apps helps in the internal operations, processes and providing the communication channel between the various departments and employees. There are different products in the internal operations offering finance management tools, corporate messenger, CRMS, and much more. 

Slack is one of the great examples of internal operation B2B apps, popularly act as a corporate messenger helping employees to communicate and exchange files. 


How To Build A  Successful B2B Mobile App? 

If you look at the best B2B mobile apps today, there are particular factors that made them successful in the industry. 

Here are various factors you need to cover to build a successful B2B mobile application : 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

You need to integrate the  CRM tools in your B2B mobile application as it helps businesses to grow a better relationship with their clients. Make sure you offer a wide range of features so businesses can facilitate their clients in all aspects. 

It should include features like contact management, sales management, employee management, and much more. 


Following The Latest Trends 

Make sure you follow the latest B2B business trends that also align with the client’s requirements or goals. It helps you develop a more effective B2B solution for businesses. Also, it gives businesses leverage against their competition and generates more sales. 

So, you need to examine and understand the requirements and trends of the market and provide according to the demand. 


Application Store Optimization 

You need to learn app store optimization to ensure that your B2B app gets maximum exposure. Getting your B2B app ranked on the app store is critical for its success, especially reaching out to relevant and potential users. 

Put more effort to rank on Google Play Store or Apple’s App store targeting specific audiences to get generate more sales. Make sure it is easy to use, interactive, and branded according to the target audience. 


Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a powerful tool to market your B2B application. You can leverage social media to connect with your target audience. More than that, it helps you develop a brand bringing more potential customers in for a longer period of time. 

Create pages to help your clients understand about the application you are offering. You can also use various forms of content to communicate with the clients regarding the product. 

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5 Essential Hacks to Safeguard Your Mobile Apps

Building a revolutionary mobile application is not an easy thing. Apart from just code development and execution, there are thousands of mandatory processes that follow app development. One of those many crucial steps is ensuring 100% security of the mobile app.

Here in this article, we will explore all the essential mobile app security practices that must be implemented during and after the development.

However, before getting towards the security measures entail, let’s understand why there is a need for strengthening the mobile app security and which potential issues might hamper your business.

 List of All Potential Security Threats in Mobile Apps

Let’s have a look at the major mobile app security issues that can cause major damages to your business data and operations.

  •       Faulty Servers
  •       No Binary Protection
  •       Data Storage Insecurity
  •       Inappropriate Protection for Transport Layer
  •       Data Breaches
  •       Absence of Multi-Way Authentication
  •       Non-Encrypted Communication
  •       Malicious Code Injection
  •       Reverse Engineering
  •       Insecure Data Storage


How to Secure Your Mobile Android and iOS Mobile Apps?

Here sharing some of the most effective mobile app security practices that you can opt to safeguard your application –

 1. Data Encryption on External Storage

While there’s limited internal storage, we often prefer to use external sources like hard discs or flash drives.

Since the data is stored on the external storage device, it can be easily accessible by all the apps of the device. So, it’s very important to ensure that whatever data you save on such devices is fully encrypted by following the major encryption algorithms that are supported with AES or Advanced Encryption Standard.


 2. Prefer Using Only Internal Storage for Sensitive Data

In all the Android Applications, you will find an internal storage directory that gives extreme protection to the data stored in it as the files are saved in ‘MODE_PRIVATE’ mode.

This mode ensures that the particular app cannot be accessed by other applications saved on the device. Hence, it’s one of the most prominent practices of mobile security.


3. Use HTTPS Server

There are many users who access the mobile apps using several public WIFI networks that are open for all. So, when your website works of HTTP instead of HTTPS, it can leave the mobile app vulnerable to many malicious hotspots which can easily alter the contents and hack the application.


4. Keychain

Keychain is the best place to store small amounts of sensitive data that doesn’t require frequent access. The Data that would be stored in the keychains will be managed by the Operating System and won’t be accessible to any other application.

If you think that your mobile app data does not need to be backed up on the cloud, then you can store the data in the Caches directory of the application sandbox.


5. Secure Sensitive Information

Make sure that all the information you’re asking from the user is very important to access and store the data. Also, ensure the access of the information only through a native framework which makes it difficult to duplicate and store the information. Hence, hacking attempts can be prevented this way.

 So, here have seen a few of the best mobile app security practices for a Hack-Proof App. However, there are many more ways to make a hack-proof mobile app, but no amount of security measures can ever be enough.

If you are looking for a mobile app development expert or agency to get an app that’s 100% secured and works seamlessly as per your expectations, connect with the team at Cloudester.

We can guide you through the entire process and ensures to deliver a smooth-sailing mobile app that also drives greater ROI. Schedule a call and take it further today itself!

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7 Mobile App Development Trends Of 2021

Saying that smartphones becoming the constant companion of people in the modern era is only an understatement. The role of mobile phones in our lives is increasing with its capabilities over the years as technology grows. 

Mobile applications are gradually coming to the point where it provides a solution for every problem through a particular app. That’s why you see a growing number of mobile app development trends where few of them are going to witness growth for a longer period of time. We’ve accumulated the 7 most dominating mobile application trends of 2021 so that you can find the relevant mobile app development services easily. 

Artificial Intelligence

For now, the role of artificial intelligence in the mobile industry is known to be due to virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Replica etc and chatbots. But in 2021, AI will have greater roles in people’s lives. There are going to be AI-based cameras, smarter assistants, user predictions, voice translations and so much more in smartphones. Applications will use the combination of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to be more efficient in detecting and fixing the problems in real-time. 

Internet Of Things (loT)

IoT is not a new concept but its penetration in the mobile market across a variety of categories and sectors has been only increasing in the past few years. It is basically a growing network of devices that are connected to the internet to offer the users more convenient and automed control. Smart homes can be perfect examples of IoT technology that are on rise. People want to control and manage everything under a single network and remotely. They love the functionality when they can adjust their thermostat in their house from anywhere. The need for this technology is only going to scale higher and this is not just one of the mobile app trends in 2021 but goes ways further than that. The global market for IoT is expected to reach $222 billion by 2021. 

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce undoubtedly makes its place in top app development trends of 2021.  In fact, this particular trend is dominating since 2019, continued in 2020 and still upscaling in 2021. From a huge brand retailer to personal brands and content creators are leveraging mobile apps to increase their sales. Mobile commerce is now a huge part of business pitches and successful to drive gigantic sales volumes. According to research, more than 72.9% of total ecommerce sales are going to be from mobile devices by the end of 2021. 

5G Technology 

5G technology is one of the most anticipated technologies that users, business and market is awaiting eagerly and it is going to hit in 2021 only. This has already made its place in mobile app trends in 2021 that every business, individual owners and marketers needs to look forward to integrate. The new upcoming iPhone 12 has adapted the 5G network technology and also proves the very point. It is also going to be revolutionary for stream services for efficient 4k streaming without buffering. 

Beacon Technology 

Imagine that you’ve searched a pair of shoes on Google and found a particular one for yourself. What if you could try them physically? Well, with Beacon technology, you can do that. The app on your phone will show you which particular shops are selling your desired products in specific price range, size and all required specifications. Beacon technology uses BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy) signals. When your phone enters a beacon zone, the application receives this signal to provide you all the relevant notification regarding your requirement. It further guides you in shopping for your desired products. It has tremendous potential in the marketing landscape bringing the user to the companies. Beacon Technology is certainly going to be one of game-changing mobile application technology ever created. 

Augmented Reality &  Virtual Reality 

AR and VR have been ruling the gaming and video industry. And it is only going to scale and diversify from here. The future of these technologies is going to the hands of common people in their day-to-day use. There have already been successful integrations from Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore with features like people occlusion, light estimation, motion tracking and more. The mixed application of both of these technologies is what awaits in 2021 making it one of the best mobile app trends. 

Mobile Wallets 

Since mobile commerce is booming in terms of mobile app development trends in 2021, the mobile wallets coming as a trend makes even more sense. There are mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are continuously scaling upwards over the last few years. As per recent reports, $6.1 billion worth transactions are done through mobile wallets in 2019 which is expected to reach $13.98 by 2022. It is certainly a considerable mobile app development trend in 2021 where the penetration rate to the market is only going to grow in upcoming years. 

So if you’re planning to create a mobile app considering any of these technologies, let’s connect and plan further! Cloudester is listed among Top iPhone App Development Companies that can successfully develop a mobile app for you.

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