5 Essential Hacks to Safeguard Your Mobile Apps

May 31, 2021
5 Essential Hacks to Safeguard Your Mobile Apps

Building a revolutionary mobile application is not an easy thing. Apart from just code development and execution, there are thousands of mandatory processes that follow app development. One of those many crucial steps is ensuring 100% security of the mobile app.

Here in this article, we will explore all the essential mobile app security practices that must be implemented during and after the development.

However, before getting towards the security measures entail, let’s understand why there is a need for strengthening the mobile app security and which potential issues might hamper your business.

 List of All Potential Security Threats in Mobile Apps

Let’s have a look at the major mobile app security issues that can cause major damages to your business data and operations.

  •       Faulty Servers
  •       No Binary Protection
  •       Data Storage Insecurity
  •       Inappropriate Protection for Transport Layer
  •       Data Breaches
  •       Absence of Multi-Way Authentication
  •       Non-Encrypted Communication
  •       Malicious Code Injection
  •       Reverse Engineering
  •       Insecure Data Storage


How to Secure Your Mobile Android and iOS Mobile Apps?

Here sharing some of the most effective mobile app security practices that you can opt to safeguard your application –

 1. Data Encryption on External Storage

While there’s limited internal storage, we often prefer to use external sources like hard discs or flash drives.

Since the data is stored on the external storage device, it can be easily accessible by all the apps of the device. So, it’s very important to ensure that whatever data you save on such devices is fully encrypted by following the major encryption algorithms that are supported with AES or Advanced Encryption Standard.


 2. Prefer Using Only Internal Storage for Sensitive Data

In all the Android Applications, you will find an internal storage directory that gives extreme protection to the data stored in it as the files are saved in ‘MODE_PRIVATE’ mode.

This mode ensures that the particular app cannot be accessed by other applications saved on the device. Hence, it’s one of the most prominent practices of mobile security.


3. Use HTTPS Server

There are many users who access the mobile apps using several public WIFI networks that are open for all. So, when your website works of HTTP instead of HTTPS, it can leave the mobile app vulnerable to many malicious hotspots which can easily alter the contents and hack the application.


4. Keychain

Keychain is the best place to store small amounts of sensitive data that doesn’t require frequent access. The Data that would be stored in the keychains will be managed by the Operating System and won’t be accessible to any other application.

If you think that your mobile app data does not need to be backed up on the cloud, then you can store the data in the Caches directory of the application sandbox.


5. Secure Sensitive Information

Make sure that all the information you’re asking from the user is very important to access and store the data. Also, ensure the access of the information only through a native framework which makes it difficult to duplicate and store the information. Hence, hacking attempts can be prevented this way.

 So, here have seen a few of the best mobile app security practices for a Hack-Proof App. However, there are many more ways to make a hack-proof mobile app, but no amount of security measures can ever be enough.

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