What is Low Code App Development and How is it Shaping the Future?

November 19, 2022
What is Low Code App Development and How is it Shaping the Future?

Businesses around the world have started using low code mobile app development to streamline their operations.

Well, if you’re wondering what is low code app development, then you must know that it’s the new style of development that is set to reshape the future with a bang. 

This coding style is designed to make users develop websites and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Basically, low code mobile app development is a sweet spot between classic programming and complex coding, and no-code programming. 

It combines the best elements of both – 

  • The flexibility and customization of classic programming and 
  • The simplicity and speed of no-code programming.

To understand what is low code app development and why it’s better than any other programming style, you must have a look at the most specific details of Classic/High-code programming and No-code programming.

What is Classic or High-code Programming?

Classic Programming is something that requires highly advanced knowledge and many different types of software. It’s very complex to develop an app from scratch. 

The classic development process takes time, smart allocation of staff, patience, and effective in-house project management, all in one place. However, the broad strokes can be simple but fine-tuning and customization takes a lot of time. 

What is No-code Programming?

No-code programming is a simplified version of coding as it doesn’t include any customization options. Additionally, the developers don’t need years of experience and expertise to build a website with no-code platforms. In fact, no-code platforms and their useability by non-programming normal people have unlocked new doors to prep, everyone, to code, they are now called the “gentleman programmers”.

The only problem with this type of coding is that with finite numbers of templates and components available, if nothing suits your business logic, you can’t make it look better.

Low Code Vs Traditional Development

In low code mobile app development, there is a short learning curve like in no-code programming. 

  • The building blocks can establish the data foundations and user interface quickly. 
  • It takes no time to find templates and components and provide specific processes. 
  • Deployment to the internet is done with a single click. 
  • A what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach displays the real-time version of how the final software will look like. 
  • Quick iterations enable the user to keep track of the processes and come up with new ideas and make additional customizations.
  • Novices and junior programmers can jump in and easily develop the software without a lot of training.

On top of all these benefits, there is an important layer that helps define the most valuable elements – the C# customization layer. It enables the user to fine-tune the business logic so each client has their customized piece of software. That is where the true value lies!

Benefits of Low-Code Mobile App Development

1. Faster Coding

Using Low-code mobile app development, developers can start coding almost instantly and create functional prototypes without having to start from scratch. They can use pre-designed templates to create new apps in just a few hours or days. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, developers can quickly move toward the other stages of the development process like ideating, prototyping, testing, releasing, and refining much faster as compared to other traditional software development methods.

2. Effortless

With low-code programming, even a non-technical employee can easily create the software as per the business requirements and goals. With Low-code software development, enterprises can reduce waste, streamline and shorten development, and fast-forward the deployment thus reducing the extra effort.

3. Cost-Saving

Low-code mobile app development allows companies to build high-quality enterprise-grade software in only a few days or even hours. It offers enterprises a cheaper and easier way to build business processes and workflows while also giving them a personalized touch.

4. Enterprise-Friendly

By using low-code app development tools, developers can focus on implementing new and unique features and functionalities into their software, without spending more time on the underlying services or functionality basics. 

Furthermore, the companies don’t have to hire an in-house development team to constantly update the frameworks, infrastructure, and other underlying technology.

5. Innovative Approach

Low code mobile app development is merged with user-centric techniques like design thinking. It allows developers to test an idea by launching a minimum viable product (MVP) in the market ahead of the launch to gain genuine feedback from the customers. It allows companies to act faster and innovate on a wider scale.

Cloudester is the Future of Low-code Mobile App Development

Cloudester takes full advantage of the low code mobile app development to enable developers to generate all sorts of business applications, like CRMs, HR tools, help desks, etc. more cost-effectively and productively. 

To learn more about us and our services, let’s connect soon!

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