Why Switch to SaaS Distribution Model? 10 Reasons to Consider!

June 17, 2022
Why Switch to SaaS Distribution Model? 10 Reasons to Consider!

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the most thriving and successful branches in the IT industry. With a wide range of businesses implementing SaaS software development models to acknowledge their outstanding benefits, it comes as no surprise that the SaaS application development services market is expanding rapidly. This type of business model has plenty of benefits and secure solutions that attract new business owners and companies to more willingly choose SaaS over other on-premises apps and distribution models.

The SaaS software development model makes it possible for businesses to access software on the cloud without requiring to buy or install the software on each computer.
Additionally, it’s a subscription-based model that works on a monthly basis.

5 Reasons Why You Must Choose SaaS Application Development Services over other Cloud Implementation Models

#1. Work From Anywhere

Leveraging the cloud computing features, the SaaS distribution model makes it easier for employees to work from any location with an internet connection. All of your data is updated in real-time, which means employees can work anywhere and access their data anytime.
Many businesses are even switching their working patterns to remote with SaaS software development models to help employees stay productive from anywhere across the world.

#2. Reduced Cost

Cost is the biggest challenge for any business!
SaaS is the most affordable option that helps business owners reduce costs as they don’t need to pay for individual software licenses. They will pay only a fixed fee each month for software applications they need. This is undoubtedly a great way to save a lot of money in the long term.

#3. Greater Productivity

An added benefit of using SaaS application development services is that it makes the job of each employee much easier. They don’t have to worry about installing new software or downloading the latest versions. It’s a great way to boost productivity and focus on work hassle-free.

#4. Highly Scalable

With SaaS, Businesses can stay more flexible and scale up or down at any time to best meet their needs.
If you’re a business owner, you can easily add new users or scale back down during slow periods for your business. This also helps in minimizing costs and making necessary changes with only a few clicks of a button.

#5. No Downtime

Isn’t it difficult to download and install conventional business software that takes a lot of time and effort? At the same time, keeping all of your software updated with the latest sprints is also time-consuming.
With the SaaS software development model in place, you can fix this!
Everything is automatically handled in the cloud which is much more convenient for you and your employees.

Top 5 Benefits of SaaS Software Development to Customers

#1. Subscription Model
No upfront cost and no license fee are required to purchase a SaaS application. Clients are not bound to buy the whole product. In case, a customer needs only a piece of software to use for a limited period, he/she can pay only for a particular period. Subscriptions can be halted any moment they don’t require the service. So, that’s definitely a cost-saving model!

#2. Easily Accessible
Licensed software comes with limited accessibility and that’s the biggest advantage. Usually, a license is assigned to a specified number of devices preventing use of it on a foreign computer. With the SaaS distribution model, it’s different. You can access it from any device with an Internet connection at any time. It also increases mobility and independence in the software.

#3. Automated Updates
When you buy licensed software and install it on your computer, it’s essential to keep updating it constantly. Whereas, in the SaaS software development model, all the updates are automated and deployed on the cloud. One doesn’t need to download and install any patches for the applications personally, it’s done automatically by the software itself.

#4. Cross-Platform Compatibility
Location is not the only advantage of SaaS in accessibility. This type of software distribution model also enables a user to access it from distinct devices. Therefore, it’s more convenient to exploit software.

#5. High-end Personalization
Products designed and developed by a SaaS development company can be easily adjusted to a particular client’s needs. Most such SaaS development companies also offer fixed subscription plans to change settings and functionalities to meet customers’ needs more precisely.

5 Benefits to SaaS Development Company

#1. Stable
The SaaS business model allows business owners to monitor and keep track of all incoming invoices, contract expiration of particular clients, changes in subscription plans, etc. The risk of sudden revenue decrease is minimized, so it’s much easier to develop their marketing strategy.

#2. Risk Free
As a SaaS vendor, you won’t be selling a license for your software, you will be responsible only for the delivery to your customers on a pay-for-use basis or as a subscription-based on use metrics. In SaaS software development models, the cloud becomes a platform for data that is accessible only to paying customers. It declines the risk of software piracy as you manage servers that host your data.

#3. No Team Required
In the SaaS distribution model, one doesn’t need resellers or middlemen to help in distribution. As your product is an Internet-based application, you only need to market your model globally with access to the Internet.

#4. Automation
The best thing about the SaaS application development services model is ‘automation’. The system works 24/7 which means you have the opportunity to earn new clients at every moment of the day.

#5. Mouth Marketing
The SaaS software development industry is under the substantial influence of word-of-mouth marketing. The more people use a tool, the more prospects acknowledge it. Customer decisions can be easily influenced by the recommendations of top bloggers and opinion leaders in the industry.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing SaaS for your business is undeniably an excellent option for small business owners and mid or large-size organizations.
If you’re also planning to implement SaaS, Cloudester is your trusted SaaS development company. You can always connect with us and discuss things! Our experts will suggest to you the best possible plans.

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