Importance of Mobile App Testing Services in a glimpse | Software Automation

September 27, 2021
Importance of Mobile App Testing Services in a glimpse | Software Automation

Technology plays a Pivotal role in everyone’s life nowadays. Everyone carries a small computer called Smartphone in their pocket. And we all use it since we wake up from bed to go back to sleep at night. It has become an essential part of our life. Because there are so many things that are comprehended into this small device. Want to go somewhere, book an uber. How? Just open the app and sign up to the app and wait for the nearest cab to get you. Want to have pizza, open the app. Choose what you like and place the order at your address. It seems that using this day-to-day mobile app for these basic things has become a blessing for us, as it saves us valuable time. Which we can later apply to productive work. However, what makes this application flawless? How we can handle it so efficiently. I mean there is some app where it takes a great toll only to open it, using it thousands of miles away.

The flawless activity of an application is possible only because of Mobile App Testing. As we know, most businesses have adopted this application strategy in their arsenal to compete in the continuously evolving market, to be on the top of all businesses. But, sometimes they look over the benefits of Mobile app testing as an unnecessary reason, which leads to application crashes, malfunctioning, poor performance, and battery drainage. If a person is having a problem with his device because of a faulty app, he is most likely to delete it and install another same service app. Which finally results in a downfall in the revenue.

So, to ensure that the particular business shall grow through the mobile application it is completely necessary to give your application to a mobile app testing service. App testing will show you the performance of the app along with various bug problems. Finally comprehending all those errors the app developer would be able to develop a more sophisticated mobile application that will be convenient to use for the customers. 

You can take a look at the facts to understand the depth of it

  1. 90% of the mobile time is used only for apps.
  2. 56% of digital media usage comes from the app.
  3. 21% out of 1 million people use an app over 50 times a day. 


Mobile app testing Service

There is a lot of testing a developer uses to do on an app to enhance its performance as well as to make it as flawless as it can be. Testing mobile apps is very complex, it cannot be done at home. You’ll need an expert to do that. There are lots of mobile testing services that are available on the web. As I had mentioned earlier mobile testing is a far more complex job to do, such as testing on 

  1. multi-platform 
  2. network- most of the applications are online, so it must be tested under varied network connectivity to see how it works in a low network zone and high network zone.
  3. multiple operating systems. such as android, IOS, and windows. 
  4. different devices – not every device is the same, some have different processors while some have different versions of an operating system, mobile testing ensures that the application runs as perfectly in most of the devices as possible. 

These services are essential to see the performance, compatibility, and other factors of a mobile application. App testing can be done either in a manual or automated manner. 


Mobile app security testing

Security is the priority of every user as well as for the mobile app owner. Many applications use personal information to create a user id, some of the applications are involved with monetary exchange. Security is paramount for those applications. To ensure the application firewall is working properly, app testing of mobile app security is undoubtedly important. 


Mobile app testing company

 There are several mobile app testing companies available in the market. Before Selecting a company you should measure them against your criteria of selection, 

  • Complete coverage on the application testing  
  • Successful execution of prior testings
  • Testing devices and lab
  • Cost of the testing

I’ve mentioned the five best mobile testing companies you can trust. They are renowned for rendering impeccable Service to their clients.  

  1. Mindful QA.
  2. Global App Testing.
  3. Raxis.
  4. QA Mentor.
  5. iBeta.

Mobile app testing software

Manual testing of an app can take several hours, Meanwhile Mobile app testing software is automation that does your app testing within a moment. They are mostly used by mobile app testing companies. Some of this popular and effective software is, 

  1. Test Complete.
  2. Test IO.
  3. Appium.
  4. Robotium.
  5. Espresso. 

Mobile app testing is an essential part of software development. It has gained attention as it is proven to be a growth factor for various businesses. You can Work on the major application error by doing a simple test on it. It will enhance the quality of your app’s performance as well as growth in your business.  

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