November 23, 2021

Today software has vast applications. There are different software for different purposes. Gaming software, photo editing software, security-based software, music-based software are just the tip of the iceberg. Here you will get to know about one such category of software, enterprise software.


Enterprise software is a term that includes all applications and technologies that an enterprise uses. Now, an enterprise generally refers to a big organization having multiple departments such as HR( human resource), IT ( information & technology), sales, PR( public relations), etc. The enterprise software would thus describe all the technology that such departments use as a whole. Such software supports a large number of users and also the many goals of the enterprise.


Enterprise software can be divided into the following groups to better understand its uses-

    • Management Software Applications-

These help the business to monitor, control, make decisions, control quality, and schedule. ERP( enterprise resource planning), CRM( customer relations management) are a few categories that fall under this.

    • Automation Applications-

Automation is a boon for business. It reduces manual labor while reducing the chances of errors. These applications focus on maintaining automation in the business. Online shopping systems, email marketing systems, accounting software are a few examples.

    • Analysis Software-

These applications concentrate on the analysis and interpretation of data in the enterprise. These are very important for businesses for making key decisions. Avora, Sisense, BOARD are few popular tools for BI (business intelligence) and analysis.

    • Storage Applications-

Enterprises have to deal with large amounts of data daily. They need to properly store it for future use. Storage applications adhere to this need of the enterprise. They ensure that business data is preserved. Alfresco, Dokmee, HotDocs, etc. are few examples.

    • Security Applications-

Security is very important for any enterprise. Applications such as firewalls, ad blockers, virus scanners, etc. help to maintain the integrity of the organization.

Here are some of the important benefits of installing enterprise software-

  • Improvement in Customer Service- Enterprise software helps to deal with customer data in a better way. It also ensures faster response time to customer queries. Moreover, it improves accuracy on orders of customers. This helps in the overall improvement in customer service.
  • Security Maintenance- The security applications make sure that no malicious activity takes place in the system. It maintains the security of all applications running on the system.
  • Faster Cash Flow- Applications help to improve invoicing. They have tools to ensure faster cash transactions. This improves the overall cash flow in the enterprise.
  • Better Decision Making- Enterprise software provides proper analysis and interpretation of data. This allows users to gain valuable insights from the data. Such valuable information helps in taking better decisions.

Enterprise software has some drawbacks as well, they are-

  • Cost- The cost of installing enterprise software is high. You have to install many applications to gain their full potential. Moreover, it has to be under frequent maintenance to ensure proper use.
  • Training- You and your entire staff need to be trained properly to use the enterprise software. The technical aspects need to be thorough with your staff to use it.

Enterprise software is a great way to manage and run your enterprise. As you have already seen its many advantages, it is correct to say that it can lead to improvement. But its drawbacks should also be kept in mind before installing it. The software and its applications should align with your business objectives too.

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