Can Website Design Influence SEO?

October 11, 2021
Can Website Design Influence SEO?

While link building and reaching out to bloggers are important components of good SEO, there are several other factors that could affect how a web page ranks in search results, one of which is web design.

Web design practices are also important in today’s SEO world. User experience has evolved into an important search engine ranking component. As a result, your website design and how users are interacting with it have a significant effect on your website’s placings in search engine results.

In this article, we will showcase a few web designs for SEO practices that could have a direct effect on the SEO performance of a site. It also includes suggestions for how to improve on each front.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Google has over 200 ranking factors that it considers when determining where to place a site based on the search term entered. Would it really disregard how the site is laid out and how well it performs? It’s highly unlikely.

What are the essential features in web design that digital marketing agencies are considering in order to get the most organic traffic possible? Let’s take a closer look:


Don’t get the issue mixed up:

Constructing the best website platform for SEO that is simple to traverse through is crucial if you want to keep visitors interested and increase the amount of time they spend on a specific website. Likewise, when search bots browse, you should make it as convenient for them to crawl as it is for human visitors to navigate.

JavaScript navigations and the extremely popular Flash intro can have a negative impact on how search engines crawl and index websites. Be wary of anything that prevents these bots from doing their job – without them, your site may never be found.


Inadequate coding:

Poorly coded sites can also cause search bots to become confused, which may affect how they rank your website. Just as Host1Plus VPS Hosting will improve your page load times, a coding spring clean will improve the performance of your site.

Check that your code is directly related to your content and that there are no hidden surprises from a quick copy and paste from your word processing software. Correct HTML will go a long way toward restoring your website to its former glory.


Strong linking:

Intelligent internal linking is absolutely essential because it not only allows human visitors to read more of your material but also allows crawlers to see how your site fits together. Merely by having the correct internal links pointing to the right pages, search bots will recognise your site as useful and valuable.

A strong internal linking method will ensure that all of your pages are appropriately organised and proper SEO in web design will help visitors to use your site and can find even the oldest posts.


Being responsive:

Smartphones are still becoming increasingly popular, so it is extremely crucial that your webpage is perfectly compatible with them. Responsive design makes sure that this is the case, and it allows your website to be read by everybody, not just computer users.

Since mobile phones now account for 50 per cent of all online searches, the advantages of catering to these devices are obvious. Reducing the bounce rate from mobile users browsing your pages increases the likelihood of your site being user-friendly web designed and served to other searchers when they look for information on a tablet or phone.



Web design and SEO have traditionally been treated as separate aspects of an online business. However, the lines have become somewhat blurred.

An SEO friendly web design provides a better user experience, which is becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization. It is critical to understand that these two factors are now inextricably linked and both play an important role in keeping your website at the top of the SERPs.

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