Best 5 Enterprise Software Development Methodologies to Win Success

December 20, 2021
Best 5 Enterprise Software Development Methodologies to Win Success

As a prominent enterprise software applications development company, Cloudester stays always ahead of the latest trends in technology and innovation. We keep our team updated with the latest software methodologies to ensure our clients get results beyond expectations. 

While there are so many different methods on the market right now, it might be difficult to decide which one would be the right fit for your unique business.

Choosing the right enterprise software solutions will be crucial and the final decision must depend on the well-researched data and analysis before being made. 

Through this article, the experts at Cloudester have put their best efforts to show you the best and trendiest methodologies of enterprise software development that might rule the market in 2022 and the upcoming years.

5 Exceptional Enterprise Software Applications Development Methodologies for 2022-23

1. Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is the new trend in custom software development. However, it’s not surprising for the techies and the ones who are passionate about development and business growth. 

In this methodology, you can expect two major benefits – process flexibility and client satisfaction through faster delivery and outstanding functioning of the software.

2. Waterfall Model

The Waterfall model is also known as the linear sequential life cycle model because every task in this methodology is followed in a top-down or step-by-step sequence. 

Using and understanding this method is quite easy for the developers and agencies to ensure that there’s no gap between any stages of the development lifecycle.

This method is implemented by dividing the entire software development process into different phases with specific milestones. And hence, the output of each phase is used as the input for the subsequent phase in the Waterfall model.

3. Spiral Model

If you’re dealing in large SOW or critical projects, then Spiral Model is the best-suited for you.

Using this enterprise software development methodology, you may begin with a simple part of the project and step up to bigger portions while discovering and controlling hazards from the very earlier stages of the development process. After each stage is completed, one can seamlessly switch to the next stage. The project moves in a spiral pattern from one module to the next which helps reduce risks.

4. Scrum Development Methodology

As popular as Agile Methodology, the Scrum Methodology includes projects, which are divided into smaller modules. With each module requiring an exclusive approach for ensuring the work would be done hassle-free, there’s a need for a quick change in the project. 

Due to the outstanding capabilities of the Scrum process, one can do several iterations in a single step ensuring that the enterprise software applications development is completed quickly. 

5. Big Bang Methodology

This methodology is typically used for short projects with small development teams and budgets.

In the Big Bang model, there’s no need to follow any particular procedure. However, this approach is not that effective in delivering the desired results your client might be expecting. On the other hand, the methodology requires less planning to be effective and successful for getting the generic results.

Final Thoughts

Software Development is a crucial process for the success of any business idea. If you want more guidance on the same, Cloudester can help! Let’s connect with our team and be smart when it’s the biggest decision for your business.


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