Unveiling 5 Most Common Software Development Myths & Challenges

September 20, 2021
Unveiling 5 Most Common Software Development Myths & Challenges

Many people are unaware of the process that goes behind custom software development. However, there’s no single way to ensure streamlined product development. It works differently for each unique project. Therefore, this entire concept of software development has become surrounded by various myths and misapprehensions.

To help you overcome the custom software development myths and get an exact idea of the process, we have debunked some of the most popular software development myths that would surely help you slough off the related prejudices.

Let’s have a look!

5 Myths About Custom Software Development That You Should Have Known Before [Exposed]


Myth #1 – Software Development is Way Too Expensive

Custom software holds the greatest potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees as well as customer engagement and conversions.

Hence, every penny invested in software development is worth the efforts, time, and money.


Myth #2 – Needs More Manpower to Accelerate the Process & Ensure On-Time Delivery 

Hiring a lot of people to speed up the development process could be the biggest mistake a product owner can make. 

It’d result in increased cost and confusion as multiple people would be working on the same idea, but their way of understanding it could be different. So, it can slow down the process and reduce productivity than you can expect with fewer resources.


Myth #3 – Using Latest Technology Guarantees Best Results

It is the most common misconception about software development that most business owners have. As every project is different, it requires a different approach. While some require speed and performance, others would need a better UI to drive greater engagement.

It’s better to analyze thoroughly and decide which kind of software development would perfectly match your specific needs, requirements, and goals. If you are not sure about which tech stack would work the best for you, choosing the right APIs, frameworks, or libraries can do the job.


Myth #4 – There’s No Need of Development Post Product Release

Well, software development is a continuous process that never ends even after you’ve launched it on a live server and the audience has started using it.

Once it goes in the world out there, you’d know about the improvements and enhancements your software might need. 

Make sure to process user feedback and measure results to fix bugs and issues reported by the end-users and implement changes to stay relevant to the audience, add more features and perform quick integrations.


Myth #5 – Software Development Outsourcing is a Bad Idea

Outsourcing is often taken as a challenge. However, it’s the best way to save time on hiring new resources, training them, and guiding for your project requirements. You can also save money on employees’ salaries, infrastructure costs, and added expenses. 

Although, your outsourcing experience will depend on the company you’re going to team up with. Care to analyze their past experience, projects, and expertise before you join hands.


If you choose a professional and experienced outsourcing provider like Cloudester, you will never regret your money and time invested in software development. 

If you have any doubts or some other myths relating to software development, then connect with us today itself.

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