What is DevOps? 8 Benefits of DevOps to Consider

June 29, 2022
What is DevOps? 8 Benefits of DevOps to Consider

In the past years, DevOps enterprise software development has quickly garnered the IT industry’s attention for all the right reasons. With the fast-paced innovations and ever-changing technologies, faster delivery and shorter turnaround time in the enterprise software development space have become essential to a company’s growth.
As a result, high-quality outcomes and a greater increase in employees’ productivity were seen.

So, what is DevOps and how it works!
Let’s understand DevOps in detail. Also, explore the most significant benefits of DevOps in this article.

What is DevOps and How it Works?

DevOps is the term understood differently by different people. To some, it’s a standard or a software development method. To many others, it’s an integrated enterprise software development culture in the IT world. No matter how you choose to define DevOps, it’s crucial to know how DevOps can scale up your goals.

Well, put simply, DevOps, essentially as an approach or you may say work culture, is implemented by the right blend of –

  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Testing and
  • Supervising

Before we get further into the basics of DevOps, let’s first understand the reason behind introducing DevOps.

DevOps – The Evolution

Before the introduction of DevOps, traditional or classic waterfall software development models were followed by enterprise software development companies. They used a sequential flow of a defined set of phases where the output of one phase becomes the input of the next phase. This makes all phases dependent on each other which means the completion of one phase marks the beginning of the other.

However, despite the simplicity of this Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC) model, several defects were found in the process. As technology keeps changing, companies need to make rapid changes in their products too. So, using the ordinary SDLC model, it was hard to make changes in the product like – adding new features or fixing bugs. It required at least 4-5 different silos to make changes. This ultimately resulted in delayed deliveries and increased costs.

In its essence, DevOps comes as a more inclusive approach to the software development process. In this enterprise software development model, the development and operations teams can work collaboratively and simultaneously on the project. As a result, the span of the software development life cycle is shortened ensuring more frequent delivery of updates and features.

Top 8 Benefits of DevOps for Any Software Development Company

Wondering how can a Software Development Company move ahead in the competitive market and become more efficient in delivering the best features to the end-users? Well, this is the power of DevOps!
Check out some of the key benefits of DevOps that any company can enjoy after adopting this way of working

1. Faster Developments & Deployments

Implementing a DevOps software development lifecycle can help companies with speedy and on-time delivery of the latest product updates and features. It will not only satisfy the customers but will also help companies to take an edge over the competition.

2. Work Stability

Being an enterprise software development company, we know the stress built during the release of new features and product bug fixes or updates. We know how difficult it gets to maintain stability and productivity in the workspace during such scenarios. That’s why we also know the power of DevOps.
It really improves your work environment and drives a steady and balanced approach to the operations throughout. We personally recommend DevOps solutions for your company!

3. Increased Quality

As DevOps ensures seamless collaboration between development and operation teams, it’s easier to frequently capture the user feedback and lead to a significant improvement in the quality of the product. Hence, the most crucial things are done at shear-ease with DevOps in place.

4. Automation

As compared to other traditional models, DevOps has greater benefits as it helps in detecting and fixing the issues quickly and efficiently. As the flaws and bugs in any software development life cycle repeat frequently, DevOps ensure automated testing and fixes through the process. Hence, the team gets more time to focus on other important tasks.

5. Agile

The ultimate goal of any software development company is to bring agility to their business to stay ahead in the market.
They can achieve it through the DevOps methods. Thanks for their agile and scalable nature that helps in transforming the business.

6. On-time Delivery

In DevOps enterprise software development, all the departments work responsibly to maintain stability and offer new features. Therefore, the speed of software delivery is ensured fast and undisturbed.

7. Fast and Reliable

Software development is a complex task that frequently witnesses technical errors and bugs. To ensure software works well and delivers quality results, it’s imperative for any company to ensure quick and stable solutions to fix technical errors in software management. Thanks to the benefits of DevOps companies can simplify almost every crucial task.

8. Transparent

The removal of Silos and inclusion of collaboration makes this process an efficient and productive one. Easy communication among the team members makes them more focused on their exclusive tasks and duties. Therefore, incorporating DevOps software development methods result in an upsurge in productivity and efficiency among the employees of a company.

9. Cost-Saving

With proper collaboration, a DevOps software development company can reduce the management and production costs of their departments, as both maintenance and new updates are done through one single process.

What Makes DevOps a Success?

DevOps enterprise software development as a service keeps customer satisfaction at the foremost priority by providing quick delivery of features and updates. Here are the key factors that ensure how DevOps is the perfect choice for the companies –

  • Constant delivery
  • Effective communication among different teams.
  • Less manual management, more automation.
  • Easy configuration Management

Transforming to DevOps is not a small consideration. So, before you go ahead with DevOps, plan out the transformation to DevOps properly. Hire a software development company like Cloudester to understand how you can ensure a seamless and hassle-free implementation of DevOps in your software development processes. Connect today for more information!

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