5 Smart Tips to Find Your Perfect Clinical Trial Software 2022

February 07, 2022
5 Smart Tips to Find Your Perfect Clinical Trial Software 2022

Choosing the right Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) is the biggest challenge as there’s a lot of money, data, and expectations involved in establishing and running clinical trials. Picking up the right Clinical Management Software will surely help in organizing the patient’s data in a more secure and privacy-protected manner. It will also help standardize the entire process more efficaciously and with increased financial transparency. At the same time, choosing one wrong CTMS can become a disaster for your organization as human lives are directly impacted through this.

Here we have come up with a quick tips guide to help you effectively evaluate which Clinical Research Management Software would be the right choice for your company.

Let’s get started!

1. System Capabilities

Clinical trial management systems come equipped with outstanding capabilities to streamline the entire process. Here are the features and functionalities that should be there in any clinical trial software –

  • Protocol calendar setup and management
  • Subject visit and procedure tracking
  • Patient demographic tracking
  • Patient Enrolment
  • Site management
  • Billing & Payment tracking
  • Operational reporting
  • Integrations
  • Fewer platform restrictions
  • Staff effort tracking
  • Budget creation and tracking
  • Business development
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Protocol amendments
  • Study milestone recognition
  • Financial system integration
  • Trial and site planning

When starting to evaluate any clinical management software, decide on which features you need and which you don’t and accordingly opt for the right one.

Additionally, you can prefer considering the overarching goals and the goals of individuals and departments that you want to optimize using the CTMS.

2. Integrations

Integrated clinical research management systems offer the best bang for your buck, ensuring research protocols run efficiently. Here are the benefits that you can expect from your chosen Clinical Trial Management software –

  • Fewer logins
  • Seamless transitions from data collection to site operation
  • No duplicate data entries
  • Financial system integrations
  • Easy invoicing
  • Milestone/Event tracking.

3. System Compliance & Security

When choosing a clinical management software for your company, the biggest concern should be about the CTMS security: is it HIPPA and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant?

As all Clinical trials management systems are designed to meet industry standards but it all depends on the institutional standard operating procedures, staff practices, and IT infrastructure. Most compliance strategies will also need to incorporate supported Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and document management (eReg) capabilities.

Here are additional security features to consider before choosing your clinical software –

  • Ability to configure grouped and individual security permissions
  • Effective auditing
  • Data backup and disaster recovery plans.

4. System Delivery Models 

While most clinical trial software are cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS) systems, they come with premium subscriptions or pay-as-you-go pricing models.

However, Cloud-based systems are the ideal picks to simplify any complex and multisite clinical studies. The study protocols, patient data, and any types of inputs received will be secured and stored at a centralized location. However, there are many challenges with this model. So, in that case, on-premise CTMS delivery models are the right choice.

5. Cost

Pricing of any CTMS will depend on the system delivery method and hosting and will be tailored to specific customer needs. In general, whether you choose cloud-based or enterprise CTMS, most of them would charge on a monthly or annual basis and would comprise additional installed or hosting fees.

With myriad options in Clinical Management Software vendors available and technology advancing every day, navigating the world of clinical trials management systems can be overwhelming. Leveraging our technical expertise and industry experience, we can guide you through the product analysis and selection process. Drop us a line to find your perfect clinical research management software and let’s get started.

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