How to Set Up A Software Development Team? 7 Tips to Keep in Mind!

March 04, 2023
How to Set Up A Software Development Team? 7 Tips to Keep in Mind!

Finding designers and developers for building an outstanding software development team is simpler than ever. You can employ a freelancer by clicking a few buttons on one of the many readily available freelancer platforms. 

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, these hasty hires frequently result in unsatisfactory project outcomes. Inadequate skill level, faked references, and poor communication often results in project owners receiving subpar solutions that don’t satisfy their goals. For any kind of development project to be successful, the correct team must be assembled. Today, we’ll talk about a fool proof method on how to set up a software development team successfully.

How to Set Up A Software Development Team?

1. The Typical Team Composition

Depending on the scope of the project, a team’s size and organizational structure will change, but some positions are never really vacant. We’ll discuss a team in terms of a small-to-medium-sized project. These teams will typically consist of 3-5 people.

  • The Project Manager

The driving force of the team. This is probably going to be you for a project of your own. The project manager is in charge of assembling the software development team, ensuring that everyone has what they need to do their jobs, and ultimately ensuring that everything proceeds without a hitch throughout the project.

  • The Lead Developer

The in-charge of the technical aspect. This member will play a crucial part in making sure the system’s behavioral and functional components are constructed correctly and function as intended. 

  • The Designer

A vital part of the software development team. Development projects frequently include a graphical or aesthetically pleasing element, such as an app interface or a web page layout. To guarantee that the right user experience (UX) is in place, the interface is appealing to users, and it accurately depicts all relevant information, a designer is required.

Apart from the above positions, you’ll also need to hire one or two more developers to set up a successful software development team.

2. Filter Out A Few Candidates

It’s simpler than ever to add additional team members to your group. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly screen your prospects beforehand to make sure they possess the communication and skill levels required to make your project a success.

Finding a pool of qualified people for the positions you need to fill isn’t too difficult, thanks to online platforms. You can find relevant and suitable people who appear to have the qualities you’re searching for by using the extensive filter and search tools of these platforms. However, not all of the applicants will be enthusiastic. To find the right talent for your software development team, delve deeper into their profiles and carefully study their qualifications, professional background, and ratings and reviews.

You should narrow down your shortlist to 3 or 4 candidates so that you can devote enough time to each one during the vetting process, which is the next step.

3. Hire Candidates Wisely

The few applicants who are currently on your list have demonstrated, on the surface at least, that they possess the knowledge and expertise required to complete the task you intend to give them. But based on our experience, it’s too early to decide. 

You will greatly improve your chances of hiring the best new team member by taking a little more time now to put the applicants to the test.

There is nothing better than a telephonic or video interview to confirm that your prospects possess the communication abilities required to collaborate successfully with the team. You can also learn more about their communication style, and it will also assist provide the groundwork for a productive working relationship. 

Another smart move is to test your developers and designers by giving them some assignments. It will be easier to choose which applications to add to your software development team.

4. Make Sure It’s Easy to Collaborate and Communicate

Now that the initial hires have been made, it’s time to establish the channels of communication and put the operational procedures in place that will keep your project on schedule.

It’s a good idea to have an easy, secure, and effective approach to exchanging this data around the team given the enormous amounts of data created in software development projects.

Last but not least, scheduling regular meetings is one of the most crucial elements of a software development team. Progress meetings once a week, if not every day, greatly assist in informing the team members of the status, milestones, deadlines, and obstacles. In the development community, a brief daily meeting known as a “Daily Stand-up” is soon to be implemented.


Hope the above information will be good enough to understand how to set up a software development team!

The hiring process for your software development team can be made more rigorous to weed out candidates who lack the required technical or communication skills. 

The benefits associated with this extra effort can significantly increase the likelihood that your project will be a success, even though it takes more time to manage a project in the hands-on manner we’ve described in this article.

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