The New Google Analytics 4 – Why to Switch & What Features to Expect?

May 01, 2021

Recently, Google has come up with the latest version of Google Analytics i.e. Google Analytics 4. This latest iteration of Google’s web analytics platform includes the capabilities of AI-powered insights, deeper integration with Google Advertising, cross-device measurement capabilities, extensive granular data controls, and much more.

Google Analytics 4 – Here’s What the New Release Upholds!

The latest release of Google Analytics 4 is not just an upgrade, it’s an expansion and rebranding of the platform. Let’s learn about the latest features here to find out how you can leverage the capabilities of web analytics tracking to enhance your website’s user experience –

1. AI-Powered Predictive Insights

The machine learning-powered insights were already available in Google Analytics. The new AI-powered predictive insights will enable the marketers to stay updated with the latest data trends, market demands, customer’s interests, and new sales techniques.

The AI technology is also used to predict outcomes like churn rates, expected business revenue, ROI, etc. Using these stats, marketers can anticipate their strategies and focus on a more qualified audience.

2. Deeper Integration with Google Ads

By using Google Analytics 4, Digital Marketers can build and maintain audiences from the website visitors across the web and app.

If a visitor turns into the website audience due to any action taken on the web and were taken off the list after completing a purchase using the app. Using the analytics, the list can be automatically updated to remove the user,
so he/she won’t be targeted for future ads.

Similarly, if the user wouldn’t have completed the purchase, he would be retargeting through Google Advertising.

3. Customer Lifecycle-Framed Reporting

One of the most interesting differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics is the feature of report organizing.

The latest version has come up with an advanced reporting feature to help marketers drill down into particular aspects of the customer journey.

For example, through the user acquisition report, you can see from what channels and platforms, your website is getting more new customers. Later, using the engagement and retention reports, marketers can analyze and understand the actions taken by the customers take and how they convert.

4. Codeless Event Tracking

This feature helps marketers to seamlessly track and measure on-site and in-app actions in real-time. From analyzing the depth of the page scrolling to the length of video playing, setting up event tracking in Google Tag Manager, and adding code to the website, Google Analytics 4 streamlines everything.

5. Granular User Data Controls

Enabling advertisers to stay compliant with data regulations like GDPR and CCPR, Google Analytics 4 has come up with this feature.

Using the consent mode for websites, collecting analytics data becomes way easier than ever.

With the new Google Analytics 4 has come equipped with a complete cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle, one can expect to get more predictive information and efficient ways to act on the marketing insights.
However, the previous iteration i.e. Universal Analytics will continue to remain available, but Google highly recommends the website owners to set up both property types and run them in parallel.

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