7 Web Design & Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021 – Cloudester

May 01, 2021
7 Web Design & Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021 – Cloudester

The year 2020 has witnessed major changes in the way businesses operate. The pandemic has given a significant rise to the popularity of online businesses; hence a greater number of businesses have also started selling online besides having physical stores locally.

This approach has benefited them in the national and even the global expansion of business, a greater number of sales, and profits.

When talking about the latest trends in web design and development trends, it’s vital to consider the two reasons why businesses want to adopt them –

  • To sustain ever-rising competition and
  • To sharpen the knowledge.

To save your time and provide a useful piece of information about web design and development trends in 2021, we’ve analyzed market demands in different industries and made up this list based on them.

Let’s get started here!

What Are the Latest Web Design Trends to Expect in 2021?

1. Retro Style Illustrations

Being a great alternative to the traditional stock imagery, Retro style illustrations have gained a resurgence in popularity over the last 6-12 months.

The benefits of using such illustrations on your website won’t be just visual. Whether it’s an iPhone or desktop, vector-based illustrations will always look great on any device.

2. Custom Gradients

Having a bespoke gradient for your brand will not only make it stand out from others but also helps you in creating custom branding elements that will completely exclusive to use.

3. Dynamic Branding

Having an outstanding logo and a website designed according to the color scheme of the logo can create a lasting impact on your users.

The concept of dynamic branding is at its strongest when the brand is already established.

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Top Website Development Trends in 2021 to Take Your Business Next Level

4. One-page Websites

The brands that want to ensure effortless navigation, intuitive designs, and easy-to-digest content must go for one-page websites.

It’s the best way to keep your website optimized across different devices. This helps to reduce the development costs and the amount of testing required.

5. Chatbot AI

Since the last year, the number of websites featuring chatbots has increased dramatically. More businesses want to make it easier for their users to be able to speak to someone on the website instantly without needing to use another contact method, such as over the phone or email.

6. Adaptive Website Design

With most of web traffic being mobile-based, the web developers use an adaptive approach to develop websites rather than using a responsive one.

This ensures that every user receives an amazing experience of the website from whatever device they might be viewing it on. The adaptive approach helps to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

7. Next-Level Animations & Illustrations

With greater advancements in technology, web developers and designer have the capabilities and freedom to push their creativity beyond the walls.

There has been a big trend going across the web development field and that is the illustrative web designs and animations with interactive graphics elements.

Introducing eye-catching illustrations and animations on the websites such as parallax effects and fade-ins can do magic in driving huge engagement and conversions to the website.

It can also help in building a long-lasting brand remembrance.

This year is going to witness many new and emerging design and development trends along with the latest technology and the tools to make web and app experiences the outstanding ones for each business.
To stay updated with what’s coming up in technology, stay tuned with the Cloudester blogs.
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