7 Must-Have Features of A Patient Portal for a Healthcare IT Services

April 18, 2022
7 Must-Have Features of A Patient Portal for a Healthcare IT Services

With the introduction of custom healthcare software solutions like EHR & EMR Software, the utilization of patient portals thrived in recent times. Online patient portals enhance the quality of patients’ care and enable doctors to streamline healthcare IT services for their clinic, hospital, or organization.

According to a report by ONC, more than 50% of users today are leveraging patient portals to access their health data and more than 85% of the doctors are utilizing modern IT solutions for healthcare to manage their patients’ history and treatment records seamlessly.

So, What Exactly is Patient Portals? 

Patient portals are innovative healthcare solutions that bridge the gap between doctor and patient and strengthen their relationships by giving patients more control over their treatment records. They can instantly check their lab results, prescription refills, update the insurance information, and manage any unpaid balances, etc. 

Patient portals improve the way in which patients can interact with the latest IT solutions for healthcare. 

If you’re a doctor planning to introduce custom healthcare software solutions like patient portals to make your clinical experience much easier, this blog will help you understand what should be there is quality and result-driven patient portal. 

We have shared 7 key features of a patient portal that you can consider to introduce innovative healthcare solutions in your organization. 

7 Amazing Features of IT Services For Healthcare You Must Look For in Any Patient Portal

Once you’re all set to use your new patient portal software, take some time to consider what functionality and features should be there on your wish list. 

It’s important to filter out the ‘must-have’ capabilities from the ‘nice-to-haves’ in advance, so you can focus on only the important ones. 

Let’s assume, you have an urgent need to implement online bill pay functions to expedite collections, but at the same time, you don’t want to pay extra, you can enable automated appointment reminders.

To help you evaluate common portal capabilities for effective healthcare IT services, we have shared key features you must go for – 

  1. Schedule Online Appointments 
  2. View Health Information like Test Results, Clinical Notes, etc.
  3. Bill Payments Information & Reminder
  4. View Prescription Refills Requests
  5. Fill Out Intake Forms 
  6. Send Personalized Messages to Healthcare Team and Patients
  7. Update Medical Records.

In addition, an effective patient portal allows you to see more patients every day. And if your current or past patients have pressing questions, they can always drop their queries on the portal to get instant solutions.


Final Thoughts

Using a patient portal software to implement innovative healthcare solutions across your organization can provide several benefits from enhancing your medical practice to managing patients and more. The only decision left is to choose which platform you should be using. Consider taking a look at our custom healthcare IT solutions or connect with us directly to discuss your specific requirements. 

We can help you get what you’re looking for!

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