7 Mobile App Development Trends Of 2021

May 17, 2021
7 Mobile App Development Trends Of 2021

Saying that smartphones becoming the constant companion of people in the modern era is only an understatement. The role of mobile phones in our lives is increasing with its capabilities over the years as technology grows. 

Mobile applications are gradually coming to the point where it provides a solution for every problem through a particular app. That’s why you see a growing number of mobile app development trends where few of them are going to witness growth for a longer period of time. We’ve accumulated the 7 most dominating mobile application trends of 2021 so that you can find the relevant mobile app development services easily. 

Artificial Intelligence

For now, the role of artificial intelligence in the mobile industry is known to be due to virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Replica etc and chatbots. But in 2021, AI will have greater roles in people’s lives. There are going to be AI-based cameras, smarter assistants, user predictions, voice translations and so much more in smartphones. Applications will use the combination of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to be more efficient in detecting and fixing the problems in real-time. 

Internet Of Things (loT)

IoT is not a new concept but its penetration in the mobile market across a variety of categories and sectors has been only increasing in the past few years. It is basically a growing network of devices that are connected to the internet to offer the users more convenient and automed control. Smart homes can be perfect examples of IoT technology that are on rise. People want to control and manage everything under a single network and remotely. They love the functionality when they can adjust their thermostat in their house from anywhere. The need for this technology is only going to scale higher and this is not just one of the mobile app trends in 2021 but goes ways further than that. The global market for IoT is expected to reach $222 billion by 2021. 

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce undoubtedly makes its place in top app development trends of 2021.  In fact, this particular trend is dominating since 2019, continued in 2020 and still upscaling in 2021. From a huge brand retailer to personal brands and content creators are leveraging mobile apps to increase their sales. Mobile commerce is now a huge part of business pitches and successful to drive gigantic sales volumes. According to research, more than 72.9% of total ecommerce sales are going to be from mobile devices by the end of 2021. 

5G Technology 

5G technology is one of the most anticipated technologies that users, business and market is awaiting eagerly and it is going to hit in 2021 only. This has already made its place in mobile app trends in 2021 that every business, individual owners and marketers needs to look forward to integrate. The new upcoming iPhone 12 has adapted the 5G network technology and also proves the very point. It is also going to be revolutionary for stream services for efficient 4k streaming without buffering. 

Beacon Technology 

Imagine that you’ve searched a pair of shoes on Google and found a particular one for yourself. What if you could try them physically? Well, with Beacon technology, you can do that. The app on your phone will show you which particular shops are selling your desired products in specific price range, size and all required specifications. Beacon technology uses BLE ( Bluetooth Low Energy) signals. When your phone enters a beacon zone, the application receives this signal to provide you all the relevant notification regarding your requirement. It further guides you in shopping for your desired products. It has tremendous potential in the marketing landscape bringing the user to the companies. Beacon Technology is certainly going to be one of game-changing mobile application technology ever created. 

Augmented Reality &  Virtual Reality 

AR and VR have been ruling the gaming and video industry. And it is only going to scale and diversify from here. The future of these technologies is going to the hands of common people in their day-to-day use. There have already been successful integrations from Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore with features like people occlusion, light estimation, motion tracking and more. The mixed application of both of these technologies is what awaits in 2021 making it one of the best mobile app trends. 

Mobile Wallets 

Since mobile commerce is booming in terms of mobile app development trends in 2021, the mobile wallets coming as a trend makes even more sense. There are mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay are continuously scaling upwards over the last few years. As per recent reports, $6.1 billion worth transactions are done through mobile wallets in 2019 which is expected to reach $13.98 by 2022. It is certainly a considerable mobile app development trend in 2021 where the penetration rate to the market is only going to grow in upcoming years. 

So if you’re planning to create a mobile app considering any of these technologies, let’s connect and plan further! Cloudester is listed among Top iPhone App Development Companies that can successfully develop a mobile app for you.

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