10 Web Development Trends That You Should Know About

June 24, 2021
10 Web Development Trends That You Should Know About

With living in the era of digital entrepreneurship and e-commerce, the website is the most crucial aspect for businesses. 

And since the technology is consistently growing, you need to keep up, innovate, adapt and upgrade your websites according to the growing trends. But for that, your business or company needs to be updated with the latest web development trends. 

It becomes crucial you identify or even predict the rising web development trends and reach out to professional web development services to ride on the bandwagon early. 

So, here we making it easy for you, listing the 10 best rising and futuristic web development trends you need to know about. 


Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence is significant in people’s lives and it is only going to scale upwards. And the companies understand the potential very much to invest heavenly in upcoming years. 

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Natural language processing (NLP) are used in website designing and optimization. For example, Youtube utilizes NLP to create subtitles using the audio of the video automatically. Or Google Analytics uses ML to apprehend the user behavior. 

The rising application in the website makes it one of the best web development technology in the coming future. 


Voice Search Optimization 

The future of web development is more about voice rather than text especially when it comes to searching online. More and more virtual home assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, Siri are going dominate the market. 

By the year 2022, 55% of all households are predicted to be having voice assistants globally. Also,  71% of consumers prefer searching through voice. And 4.7 million US consumers are forecasted to be using smart speakers in 2020. 

By 2022, voice commerce sales expected to grow dramatically only to reach $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion in the US. 

The statistics clearly indicate the rising voice search optimization as one of the crucial web development trends in 2021. 


Motion UI 

The website isn’t just about the content but also the presentation and visuals it adds as a context. Users want websites to be aesthetically pleasing where the focus should be more on the user interface. Now, this goes further with bringing Motion UI into the picture. 

Motion design on websites helps create an intuitive interface guiding users on what they need to do what things to focus on. In fact, it is the most advanced web development technology when it comes to the user interface. 

It features visual cues and allows applications to respond to the users making their user experience more fluid and enjoyable. 

There is no reason this not being already the trend to boost the interactiveness of the website. 


Responsive Website

It is no surprise how the responsiveness of a website is a growing trend in web development. This actually becomes even more important as the growth in the web development industry with PWAs and AMPs. 

No matter how dynamic and functional your website is but if it is not responsive to the users, it is going to affect the ranking and usability of the website. 

The optimization of the website is always going to be the topmost priority for a web developer or organization regarding web development. And due to Cloudester’s outstanding performance it has been listed in Top e-commerce developers new york.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA) 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are going to replace native mobile applications. It offers a plethora of advantages over the traditional applications and it is growing exponentially over the years. 

PWAs provide an extraordinary user experience and with the increased use of mobile devices, it is predicted to be a growing trend in web development in 2021. 

They are quick to load and even work offline. PWAs basically recreate the in-app experience within the browser only. 


API-first Development 

One of the primary trends in website application development is API-first development offering connectivity with various applications. The rise of mobile applications, wearables, and various devices makes the need for cross-integration for the user to bring more convenience. 

API-driven technology is more appreciated with the web development trends in 2021. It consumes less time, has a more interactive design as compared to the traditional app development with no preference for API. 

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