SaaS Platform Development – A Journey from SaaS Transformation to Evolution

November 15, 2022
SaaS Platform Development – A Journey from SaaS Transformation to Evolution

Have you ever thought of bringing SaaS transformation to your old business software? Or maybe to get new software that’s SaaS driven? Well, if you haven’t thought of it yet, it’s the right time! 

Many organizations have already monetized their software transformed through SaaS software development, many are in the process of doing this. So, what are you waiting for? 

It’s time that you take a step ahead and get a SaaS product developed to keep yourself up in the competitive landscape.

However, every SaaS transformation has its unique challenges. So, if you’re thinking of having SaaS platform development nearly, you must know both the challenges and the benefits of making a wise decision. In this article, we have explained the SaaS development challenges and benefits under a technical scope. Let’s have a look!

What Are the Technical Challenges Faced with SaaS Software Development?

It’s a fact that any custom SaaS transformation product inherits all advantages and unique features for a particular business. Therefore, it looks more attractive and is highly rated than other software solutions on the market. 

However, to achieve these successes, any SaaS product has to go through technical transformation first. The fact is that every transformation brings out new challenges.

In this blog, we aim to dive deeper into some critical challenges that occur within almost all SaaS platform developments.

1. Third-party payment integration

Payment integration is the most important part of any business. In SaaS platform development, it’s achieved by integrating a third-party payment system into your software. 

There are two ways, it’s done –

The first one is a payment service with great integration support whereas the other one is a little bit more challenging. In this integration, the development team has to examine the technical aspects and challenges in what goes behind a payment integration process. And accordingly, it helps create the appropriate application parts and services to ensure seamless integration of external payment services.

2. Safe database that’s also GDPR compliant

With the GDPR restrictions and standards for tenants’ protection taking over the world, secure database design is becoming a necessary part of a successful SaaS transformation.

If you’re dealing with SaaS software development with American clients, there are specific systems you will need to take additional steps for. Let’s say, you’re working on their healthcare software, you will have to apply the HIPAA constraints to the system ensuring that patients’ data do not leak outside of the system boundaries. 

These GDPR or HIPAA requirements must be defined and implemented at the beginning of the development phase.  

3. Zero-downtime deployment

One of the drawbacks that we see in SaaS transformation from time to time, is when a new system is released, it might not be fully accessible to the users. However, this challenge can be handled very well with the zero-downtime deployment strategy. 

The strategy means that during the process of SaaS platform development and deployment the service will be fully responsive. 

4. Effective SaaS subscription lifecycle

If you think SaaS plans and subscriptions won’t match your budget, you can use a ready solution. The one that is already integrated with a well-documented payment service so developers can comfortably use it.

Still, if you decide to go with the built-in SaaS platform subscriptions and plan management, it will be feasible too. The good part of this approach is not being dependent on the external provider and paying only once for developing this solution.

5. Customizable system

The biggest challenge you may face during SaaS development is that the systems are not fully customizable. To make them more customized and deliver quality services to your customers, you need to start by uplifting the interface from the underlying system layers.

The customization always remains to be decided by the product owner like what layout, color, template, and subdomain should be there. 

However, handling such requirements might be a demanding task, but if designed and tackled in a lean and agile manner, it will help you sustain for longer.

The Benefits of SaaS Development

Custom SaaS transformation comes to promote good features to widen the accessibility of deep customization to everyone who can benefit from it. Let’s have a look at some of its key benefits for the owners, the market, and the consumers.

Benefits of SaaS development for the Owners

The product owners can monetize and gain enormous revenue from their custom SaaS software. From end-users perspectives, the product owners become the supplier. Now, imagine how their position will enhance if their SaaS transformation product is as big as Facebook.

Benefits of SaaS transformation in the IT Market

After the transformation process completes, the product is ready to use. Custom software SaaS transformation is an advanced version of the usual Off-the-shelf software solutions. It’s more competitive, functional, and efficient than traditional software. It fosters innovation and provides positivity from technology developers. Also, guarantee your expansion into new marketplaces by implementing great content strategies that are required for expanding your website’s reach.

Benefits of SaaS platform development for Consumers

SaaS products are undeniably the most suited options for any business growth. These products offer diverse functions, better interaction, and smooth speed, making its users feel great while using them. 


If you’re ready to give SaaS transformation a try, find a custom software development partner to upper and widen the business vision for an effective long-term solution.

Cloudester has a decade of experience in completing over 100 software development projects so far. We offer top-notch services and deliver the best user experience in the most harmonious collaboration. Let’s connect to know more about our services.

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