How To Develop A Successful B2B Mobile Application For Your Business?

June 17, 2021
How To Develop A Successful B2B Mobile Application For Your Business?

B2B is a rapidly growing business segment where more innovation and technological advancement is gaining momentum in its adaptation. 

According to US-based research firm Forrester, B2B eCommerce transactions in the United States will reach around $1.8 trillion by 2023. 

Like in the B2C market, the significance of B2B applications in B2B business is accelerating with more and more features, types, and integrations. 

This is the best time to develop B2B mobile application for your business or even for other brands if you are a developer. So, here’s how you build a successful B2B mobile app.


Why You Should Invest In B2B Mobile Application?  

B2B applications help your customer’s or clients’ requirements with active concerns and considerations. There are different types of B2B mobile solutions that help clients utilize the services smoothly and efficiently. It saves their time, energy and makes the process more frictionless. Besides, it is leverage against your competition when it comes to B2B businesses in the industry. 

Just like the B2C market, B2B also requires the adaptation of technology to its services and upgrade the services. With the emergence of more technological innovation and mobile usage, B2B application development is rapidly gaining momentum in the industry. 

Type Of B2B Applications 

There are different categories or types of B2B applications you can choose from depending upon the requirement or objective you have. 

Here are those types in more detail with their best examples. 

External Management 

External management software is a type of B2B business application that helps organizations to coordinate with vendors, develop communications between different parties and manage supply chains. It features a plethora of variants to develop such as project management applications, CRMs, and online conferencing apps as well. 

One of the examples of an external management app you take is DocuSign. It helps users sign and manages documents online reducing the paperwork and save time. 



B2B commerce products are meant to be sold to the customers who are actually businesses. There are tons of services businesses provide to their B2B customers just like B2C customers to make it successful. 

Here are the services that this type of B2B application include : 

  • Order management 
  • Push notifications
  • Product listings
  • Order additional services 
  • Easy and quick checkout 
  • User-interactive navigation
  • Category trees
  • Easy payment processing 
  • Delivery statuses 

CAT is one of the commerce B2B applications that offering a platform where businesses can monitor, request, control and manage their CAT equipment. 


Work Process Facilitation 

This is the type of B2B application where all the tools are made to help employees complete their tasks easily, more efficiently, and with better results. Such tools focus on resource management, productivity, communication, and inventory management. 

Large enterprises create their own software to facilitate the internal work process whereas a lot of people use Google or Microsoft. 


Internal Operations 

This type of B2B apps helps in the internal operations, processes and providing the communication channel between the various departments and employees. There are different products in the internal operations offering finance management tools, corporate messenger, CRMS, and much more. 

Slack is one of the great examples of internal operation B2B apps, popularly act as a corporate messenger helping employees to communicate and exchange files. 


How To Build A  Successful B2B Mobile App? 

If you look at the best B2B mobile apps today, there are particular factors that made them successful in the industry. 

Here are various factors you need to cover to build a successful B2B mobile application : 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

You need to integrate the  CRM tools in your B2B mobile application as it helps businesses to grow a better relationship with their clients. Make sure you offer a wide range of features so businesses can facilitate their clients in all aspects. 

It should include features like contact management, sales management, employee management, and much more. 


Following The Latest Trends 

Make sure you follow the latest B2B business trends that also align with the client’s requirements or goals. It helps you develop a more effective B2B solution for businesses. Also, it gives businesses leverage against their competition and generates more sales. 

So, you need to examine and understand the requirements and trends of the market and provide according to the demand. 


Application Store Optimization 

You need to learn app store optimization to ensure that your B2B app gets maximum exposure. Getting your B2B app ranked on the app store is critical for its success, especially reaching out to relevant and potential users. 

Put more effort to rank on Google Play Store or Apple’s App store targeting specific audiences to get generate more sales. Make sure it is easy to use, interactive, and branded according to the target audience. 


Social Media Marketing 

Social media is a powerful tool to market your B2B application. You can leverage social media to connect with your target audience. More than that, it helps you develop a brand bringing more potential customers in for a longer period of time. 

Create pages to help your clients understand about the application you are offering. You can also use various forms of content to communicate with the clients regarding the product. 

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