10 Amazing Ideas To Start A SaaS Startup In 2021

June 07, 2021
10 Amazing Ideas To Start A SaaS Startup In 2021

Since more and more companies are switching to the cloud, the popularity of SaaS products is only going to scale high tremendously. 

According to Gartner’s research, the SaaS software development industry will be worth $143.7 billion by 2022. The pacing in the digitization of businesses was inevitable, the global pandemic only makes it accelerate at a much higher rate. SaaS is undoubtedly the future and brings tons of opportunities for business startups. 

So with this high demand, if you are ready to ride this bandwagon, here are 10 amazing SaaS startup ideas to kickstart your journey. 


Content Planning 

Content is the primary asset of any marketing strategy for a business. It is what brings customers to your business through a mutually benefiting channel. It is a grave necessity for a business to plan its content around marketing strategy. 

Content planning software helps in planning, creating, managing, executing, and analyzing the content for online publishing. The SaaS software needs to align the content marketing strategy and branding of the business as well. It also offers multiple tools for content research, distribution processes, optimization, adding media, and much more. 


Appointment Management 

Every business has meetings and appointments, and they are even sometimes the most part of half of your day or more. Not managing the appointments can lead to missing the meetings, overlapping of timings, or worse distress at work. If you’re looking forward to establishing a SaaS application development company, starting an appointment management SaaS product is a great idea. 

There is actually plenty of scope for upgrade and innovation with this arena of business. Focus on automated time management solutions with your SaaS business. One of the successful examples in this niche is Calendly that offers scheduling for personal and team appointments. 



You can also start a SaaS company offering a Telehealth software platform. It allows medical specialists to consult patients virtually. It is about combining communication technology and healthcare on a platform. This can really help communities all around the world to access high-quality medical or healthcare services easily. 

Even the people from isolated zones, rural areas, or quarantine spots can get consultations through this. Such software includes various features such as video conferencing and remote patient monitoring. 


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is already an integral  SaaS software development functionality on which you can start your SaaS company. It primarily focuses on providing marketing automation to businesses, corporations, and individual entrepreneurs as well. 

Marketing automation means automating, scheduling, and managing social media posts, routine tasks, emails, and much more. There is no doubt of the demand in the market as every business requires marketing automation solutions. 

However, make sure you find your niche in marketing automation and offer more specialized SaaS products.


Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant isn’t something uncommon or a novelty to have for businesses. It is, in fact, a necessity or even leverage against the competition to engage with more clients. Virtual assistant SaaS products help in resource planning, scheduling, employee engagement measuring and so much more. 

It is one of the high potential SaaS businesses that are yet to be tapped in. 


OKR Tracking 

OKR is a recently emerged domain offering great opportunities for SaaS startups. It stands for Objectives and Key Results. It creates engagement and alignment around the company goals. OKR tracking is a great SaaS idea focussing on the objectives of the organization and measuring the results accordingly. 

It provides regular reporting, analysis, and dashboards to visualize the progress of the project. OKR tracking software makes the teamwork easy to examine and measure.


Team Collaboration

Team communication and collaboration is a huge space that is a profitable SaaS product arena to go for. 

After the pandemic, the remote collaboration, communication, and meeting scaled rapidly. Businesses require tools to optimize their employee productivity, boost project management efficiency. 



E-invoicing is a technological update that always needed to happen in the business space. So, it did! Only it brings more work into doing for businesses to create, manage, schedule, and organize electronic invoices. 

More than that, you can bring in the SaaS product for auto-generated e-invoices for businesses from individual entrepreneurs to corporations. 


Video Editing 

With the rise of video marketing in the business, video editing becomes a more common requirement for content creators, business owners, and brands as well. Video Editing software is where you create and edit videos for your business or social media platforms. 

They are actually the next big thing if not already. You need to bring more interactive, feature-loaded, and easy-to-use video editing software to the market. 


Freelance CRM

The Freelance CRM is a great SaaS development software idea that you can begin with. It is a highly profitable SaaS product currently in the market. 

This particular type of software has a lot of things in common with traditional CRMs. However, there are various differences that make this particular CRM stand out. Freelance CRM is specifically designed for freelancers with the same functions as CRM, making it perfect for their business. 

It has a plethora of additional features that only caters to individual entrepreneurs and freelancers such as email marketing, time tracking, analytics, reporting, etc. 

Sendinblue, which is a cloud-based digital marketing platform is a perfect example of Freelance CRM  offering CRM and marketing automation to freelancers.

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